Nike Air Yeezy 2 – Any Luck?

Nike Air Yeezy 2 – Any Luck?


Today is the day that many of you have been waiting – Air Yeezy 2 Day. Every since the launch of the Air Yeezy 1, people have been anticipating the release of the Air Yeezy 2, and Kanye didn’t make it any better when he hinted about the Yeezy 2 in his Hawaii vlog. Trust us, we know how crazy this release was, and how hard it was to obtain a pair. We’ve been hearing some off the wall stories about the this release.

So, as we always do here at TSG with most major releases, we would like to open up the comment section for you to share your success story, vent out your frustration, etc. The comment section is all yours, so feel free to express yourself.

Here’s a few more things we’d like to hear you speak on:

1.) Were you pleased with the way shops in your local area handled the Yeezy 2 release?
2.) How do you feel about Nike’s RSVP system for this release?

FYI: It’s 12:08pm EST, and NikeStore still hasn’t sold the Yeezy 2 yet. There’s still hope for some.

  • UniteUs

    ^^VoomVava nailed it.

    if u didn’t get a pair, it’s because u weren’t “cool enough”…weak sauce dog.

  • Lem

    WHO CARES! This was the most overrated, ugly, and visually unappealing shoe that I have seen in recent years. Paying 10x’s, camping, and losing precious hours of life sitting by a computer for a pair of shoes is ridiculous. I enjoy my passion for shoes but it only goes so far.

  • Lem

    WHO CARES! These have to be the most over hyped shoes released in recent history. They are ugly and not worth the $15 they cost to make. Save your money people and buy some nice loafers or wingtips.

  • JROC

    I wanted a pair but didn’t win em. I was upset with the 21 Mercer situation but now I don’t care. I love sneakers but I will never let Nike make a fool out of me again. They knew what the hype was like on these kicks since last summer or the release of the first pair. They don’t care. They’re a corporation. They won’t care until they start losing money and it’s gonna happen anytime soon. I will continue to buy but if I don’t get, I wont stress it. Listen learned.

  • KSPR

    The sneaker game is just rediculous at this point. It’s over-run with kats scrambling around trying to buy up everything only to turn around and flip em for an absurd resell price. Most of us who actually want the Yeezy 2 to keep (or any other hot shoe for that matter) for ourselves can’t even get it because of the re-sellers. Needless to say, I’m one of the many who DID NOT get a pair, but really wanted this shoe.

    On a positive note, I like the way our local spot Wish did it, requiring everyone to make an in-store purchase in order to enter the raffle. With the new craze, camp-outs and normal store releases for shoes this covetted are just getting out of hand and borderline dangerous.