Nike Air Yeezy 2 Release Info Update

Where are you Nike Air Yeezy 2? That’s the million dollar question, and there’s tons of people patiently waiting for the answer. For months, there have been all types of speculation surrounding the official launch of the Air Yeezy 2. If the latest release rumor is true, that means the Air Yeezy 2 will release Friday, March 23. Since that information has been floating around the web for a few months, many were forced to believe that March 23 is the release date. That said, we heard that people have already started camping and forming lines although the info was never officially confirmed by Nike.

If March 23 is the big day, it seems odd that we have yet to see high-res studio photography or launch info issued by Nike. Let’s dig a little deeper. It also seems odd that Kanye West, Jay-Z, Don C, and Shawn “Pecas” Costner are the only people that have Yeezy 2’s. Sure, Kanye is a given, but what about the rest of the G.O.O.D. Music family? Someone please turn on the Unsolved Mysteries music.

So, what now? Well, TSG put in some work, and we got some new updates for the Air Yeezy 2. According to our VERY reliable source, who shall remain nameless, the first Air Yeezy 2 colorway will release in April.

Here’s the info that was given exclusively to TSG:

Release Date: April 13
Retail Price: $250
Packaging: Nike Sportswear box, with dust bag in box
First Color: White/Grey based colorway

In regards to the packaging, we’re not surprised that there’s no special packaging. Although we feel the shoe should come with a special box. However, the dust bag that will come with the shoes was spotted in the Kobe Bryant x Nike Air Yeezy 2 photo that leaked last night. As for the white/grey based colorway, it’s the pair pictured above, which is the exact same pair that Kanye gave Def Jam’s Shawn “Pecas” Costner. That particular colorway, according to our buds at SN is Wolf Grey/Pure Platinum, and the style number is 508214-010.

As previously mentioned, this info was given to TSG yesterday evening from our very reliable insider. Once we receive more updates it will be published, so stay tuned to

Feel free to discuss in the comment section.

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  • If they copy the Air Yeezy 1 release release, I’m assuming:

    April: Wolf Grey/Pure Platinum
    May: Black/Solar Red
    June: ?????

    We shall see.


    Black pink

  • sneakergameinsane

    Thanks G-Roc for the info

  • Mr. Design Junkie


  • c brown

    Nice scoop G…Yeezy hype is offically upon us….Check out the Yeezy thread on NT…there are pics of dudes already camping…crazy….Nike should make these a GR and hurt ALOT of feelings…but at $250, dont expect that AT ALL…..expect a limited drop just cause at a $250 price point…it is what it is..



  • This is gonna be a crazy release!! Im not feeling the Yeezy 2 so I can sit back and just watch the craziness.

  • Chevy Boy

    I still don’t like them.

  • jq_ballgame

    Maybe it’s just me, but if these weren’t the “already classic Yeezy 2’s”, these shoes would be on a clearance rack for $60 in a month. I’m sorry, but this is not a good looking shoe.

  • Gee

    Pity the fools who will start the camp out now, you know it will happen…

  • nish

    where do they sell these at? ndc? FTL HOH?

  • SPINS6136

    If you are part of the “Yeezy II is HOT!” crowd, you are either A.) 21 or under or B.) One of those mindless goons who hop on anything trending.

    You probably also own a pair of skinny jeans, own a pair of Jordans but never saw him play except for highlights on ESPN Classic and/or still say things like “COPPED” “1ST” or type things in #hashtags

  • John B.

    the shoe itself isn’t bad at all and I may consider buying a pair…but at 250 retail they can keep them shits!

  • LG


  • Sparty81

    What kind of release did the Yeezy 1 have?…HOH?….etc.

  • aSh

    ^^^ LOL….. I like these…. But an over night campout is all I can really give to a pair of sneaks…. Sooo in the words of Harry Henderson…

  • Mater

    idk about the skinnys but i neeed these

  • rob

    Colorway is dope!! Just wish they were more available to the public more so for people who actually have jobs and and lives who can’t camp for weeks and actually wants the sneaker for themselves instead of resale.

  • Executive

    I like this colorway, I might purchase. If I can’t oh well I have 4 pair of the 1’s to fall back on.

  • I may try and pick up this pair to trade someone
    for Galaxy Foams.

  • yung crac

    kanye can put his name on some skechers and they will go now days. with that being said just because you pour syrup on shit dont make it pancakes. bring on the EWING rogues.

  • duke

    my son birthday is april 1 that 250 could be money spent at the HILTON anaheim…

  • TribeCalledKicks

    G-Roc you sir are the man.

  • TribeCalledKicks

    I read somewhere that the Black/Pink was going to drop 3/23 or something like that.

  • Lem

    Just as wack as the first pair.

  • dotsupreme

    there not hot at all.. i think its funny how heads are gonna go ape over these. yeezy 1 crack these wack.
    live above the hype people.

  • I’m gonna cop these and then resell them to get the air yeezys

  • M-$

    So much hate over a damn shoe it’s a shame. They look hot to me not cause its a Kanye shoe however I could careless about that. I’ll try to acquire these but not gonna loose sleep if I don’t get them.

  • I’m Royal”but can’t stand the word” Swag

    On release day I’m going to drive up to which store has them with some popcorn & maybe some goobers & sit in the car and watch everyone go insane. This will be bette than the movies.

  • 21215154

    Do these kiccs run in larger size like 14? Y’all sneaker heads gotta know

  • hugeHead

    i agree w the comment about, how they shoeld be a general release , so people with lives can get them. i want em, but i cant do the camp out, i dont know what kinda release it will be, , these resellers are killing this whole sneaker game, cause theyres people out there that buy them to have for them selves, do us normal people a favor nike, and let us get a pair too.

  • sneakercritique

    Lol at unsolved mystery music for some reason I think it’ll sound a lot like the Illest. mf alive intro music but I’m digging the black pair for all the right non-hype reasons but If I don’t get them I’ll be happy I’m starting to feel like i have too many shoes anyway

  • sek

    i hope they drop as QS before that date lol anyway i wanted a pair of the 1st joints and if i were able to get a pair of these it would be to trade for the 1st joint but i have alife and dont plan on paying retail or camping

  • sek

    paying more than retail i meant to say

  • Jeron

    I like um but not worth my time. I ain’t camping out for no more sneaks. The concords campout cost me 3 days of my time not to mention money I lost not being at work just to find out there were no men’s pairs available for sale once I got in the store and I was 1st in line. This shits stupid and Nike should just produce more sneakers per release. Fed Up doesn’t describe what I feel about Nike. Nike your loosing long time customers.

  • Not really a fan of this. It’s just too ordinary for my taste.

  • Kicksboywonder

    I’m not even gonna try to cop any of them seeing as how it’ll be super difficult due to all the folks who’ll be/are camping.

  • dotsupreme

    fact 9 out of ten people aint gettn shittttt

  • The Question is: Is Wale gonna wear these on BET. ?

  • dotsupreme

    wait stop what wale gonna be wearing these dang people you wont see me for a lil gone camping pce

  • Julio

    Sorry but yeezys are super ugly ppl only wear them cus of kanye true statement

  • edizzle

    they’re ok…but still $250 for a shoe…and at that price you would expect there to be special packaging at least. and the fact that people decided to camp 20 days early for the release is absolutely ridiculous. i wouldnt be surprised if they camped a month early. for the yeezy 3 i bet people gonna camp like 2 months. hell i bet people prolly campin out for them now! LOL

  • Hahaha!! People get riled up over this Wale thing..

  • my lax life

    where will these drop at?

  • My Dixie wrecked

    I’m guessing mercer isn’t going to allow camping maybe they will do a raffle like they did for patta x parras

  • I definitely been waiting for these. If I could get all 3 CW’s, then I’m pretty much done for the year.

  • The NewJent

    If you imagine taking the Nike Air Yeezy title off and putting a FILA brand on them i can promise you there would be 0 comments on this thread. Shoe is ugly point blank period. And ima Kayne fan (music that is)

  • These are just missing the bird emblem on the strap… Enjoy.

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    If they were Fila I’d still cop. These joints are far from ugly but I wonder if folks who call them ugly are bitter about something.

  • mike lowery

    lol preoreders are on ebay already

  • wow

    @spins6136 not seeing jordan play has nothing to do with collecting jordans. all u need is to like the shoe and actually know what happened in that shoe. some ppl weren’t born yet that aint they fault.

  • What_Is_Swag_

    Minutes after the release these will be on Ebay for $5,000.

  • Eric M

    See whats a bit.. is tht i would never blow 600 for these and 250 would be a present to me to get them on my bday. but camping already makes sure im not gettin thm, damn hypebeasts, 2500 on ebay agreed. well none the less im just guna same my bucks n cop the Jordan 7s which have more class than these

  • Shoe_gamer

    people selling shoes on ebay is killing the idea of being a shoe collector. you people are forcing us to sit in line for weeks and hope a riot does not break out.

  • Mater

    @eric m
    the rerererererererererererererereretro olympic 7s get no respect in my book

  • Let the madness begin! Smh. I just hope that the people who actually intend on wearing their pair get a pair in their size.

  • erick10

    I guess the only way of actually owning a pair will be paying reseller price -__-

  • teamj

    DO NOT!!! give in to resellers please!!! its not resellers killing it! its the ones buying! your giving them the power…and my words will go unheard…but to those who care about the sneaker culture…dont cop..maybe were miss out on a few cops…but in the end were kill them cause their be stuck with shoes they dont want and money wasted..makes sense right..? then their regret getting the shoes…and stop…#kill the hype!

  • John17

    People that are in line already for these think they’re there to own the shoe but in REALITY the show OWNS THEM! Point blank. . .

  • yannick

    where can i find it or buy it in april 13?????

  • kingali


    do you know who is getting these in atl? and when is the best time to start camping out for these in atl? help me out man really trying to get a pair email me if you can

  • mike lowery

    Im betting the official release day is june 8th kanye’s birthday