Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey/Light Charcoal – Detailed Pics

March 2, 2009 | 68
Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey/Light Charcoal

Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey/Light Charcoal

It’s getting closer and closer to showtime. Not that we have to ask, but are you ready for the Air Yeezy’s to drop? FINALLY, we now have detailed images of the Air Yeezy. Images have been leaked since April 2008, but detailed pics never hit the web until now. 15carmelo23 provides us with a detailed look at the Zen Grey/Light Charcoal colorway. One detail that we never noticed was “Yeezy” on the pull tab, and the front portion of the sole does glow in the dark. Get the Air Yeezy feed you’ve been waiting for after the jump…

Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey/Light Charcoal

Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey/Light Charcoal

Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey/Light Charcoal

Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey/Light Charcoal

Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey/Light Charcoal

Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey/Light Charcoal

Air Yeezy colorways via Colmilludo

Nike Air Yeezy Colorways

Nike Air Yeezy Colorways

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  • TokyoMike

    WOW…..I’m having a change of heart…..I don’t like em so much anymore……gotta see the black ones, cuz I’m not feeling these…..

  • DreDay

    The pull strap is super wack those must be fake?!? The pull strap has never be seen in other photo’s. If they have pull strap than I will not buy!!!!! 0lus colorway is thrash!

  • Backroad

    If I can get a pair of these with ease, I’ll cop. I’m not going to go out of my way to get them though. Black with pink is my favorite of the three.

  • mini_me_09

    all yall who say they are dope are plain stupid.
    an dats all just straight up stupid.
    coming from a real kickaddict

  • TorontoComeUp


  • Eric

    The Khaki’s are MINE!

  • Quentho

    Ok ima fan of the shoe but that color way sucks I’m not bout to spend my money on a wack color way

  • urbanmiracle

    The colorway is growing on me. Since these are a gr at footlocker those complaining about the price just wait until these shits get on sale which they will with this recession going on. I’m waiting for the black ones, the white one kid cudi was rocking on the cover of xxl and I want purple ones. Maybe the tan if again on a clearance sale. These I might if I can find a dope shirt to rock em with.

  • Flatbush_Zone

    Chill Son, imma save my bread :D

  • Joe

    They seem a little bit suspect to me…The user who posted them on NikeTalk i think took the images from an eBay auction, since they are on eBay right now…The fishy part comes in in the item description…

    The pictures show the box, which has the correct style number for this colorway, but the item description states a style number which is for a pair of Air Jordan 20 Fusions..Seems like a minor error but at the same time something like that makes a huge difference…How can you have pictures showing the box with the correct style number and then list a completely different style number in your description…I know we all make typos time and time again, but i dunno, its just hitting me as fishy…

    Do a quick search on eBay for Air Yeezy and youll find them, i think the seller wants $400.

  • TorontoComeUp

    urbanmiracle, they will never ever make it to sale price, every store has limited stock, wich means jsut enough for people who are crazy enough to buy them, like me

  • Gucci

    On the fence.

  • thatbehim

    Joe they’ve been bought now. Dude said he had more sizes though. I didn’t research style # but I did ask him to e-mail me pics of the bottom of the shoe. Haven’t seen a fake with Nike on the bottom yet. He said he would but I’m still waiting.

  • Joe

    thatbehim – If you ever get those pics defiantly keep us informed…im interested to know if somebody just got taken for a $400 dollar ride or what…I never even thought about the sole, good thinking…

  • TorontoComeUp

    these look real, but holy shit do they look badly made, somone post the link to the ebay auction, i cant find it, i searched .com and .ca

  • StrictlyLaced

    TorontoComeUp – Somebody must of bought them yesterday…Thats the last time i saw them on there, for a BIN price of just about $400…I didnt copy the link to the auction so now i have no way of finding it since its removed for the listings

  • dom

    these look like girl colorways