Nike Athlete Odell Beckham Jr. Got Caught Wearing Yeezy Boost 350s

odell beckham jr

Odell Beckham Jr. of the NY Giants is known to make some ridiculous catches, but right now we’re not talking about footballs, we’re talking about this L he just caught. While people are caught up with fake outrage about James Harden still wearing Air Jordans (which he’s contractually obliged to), the attention should be turned to Odell Beckham Jr. who signed a contract with Nike during the 2014 NFL Draft and was recently caught wearing “Pirate Black” adidas Yeezy Boost 350. Uh… sir, you can’t be that much of a hypebeast could you?

Jon Wexler, adidas Global Director of Entertainment, spotted young Odell slipping up and didn’t hesitate to use it to flame a Twitter troll who antagonized adidas for Kanye West wearing Nike apparel.

Nike has a serious archive catalogue, there’s really no reason OBJ should be caught wearing Yeezy Boost 350’s in public. Even though, we all know most athletes have a pair or two in the closet. Someone send this to Odell Beckham Jr. because we need answers!

Editor’s note: Hey Odell, you could’ve easily asked your Nike Rep for the “Midnight Fog” Nike Flyknit Roshe, it looks really similar to Yeezys – check it out here.

wex exposes odell beckham jr wearing yeezy boostodell beckham jr wears yeezy boost 350

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  • omar najeeb

    I dont need any damn answers. I work for neither ADi or nike. Thats HIS contract with the brand that’s being put in jeopardy (allegedly…). They’ll prolly talk to him though.

  • sirfresh

    Has the madden curse came back or these defensive backs are letting him have it in the worst way.