Nike Barkley Posite Max – New Images

If the preview pictures of the Nike Barkley Posite Max didn’t give you enough to judge the model, new images have surfaced giving a better glimpse at the shoe.

The Foamposite material can be seen in full effect through these images along with the additional speckled midsole. One thing to note is the bottom of the sole which states “Not A Role Model,” which was a quote from Barkley in his famous Nike commercial from 1993.

Do these images help reinforce your initial thoughts of the model or has your opinion changed?

Images: Solewings

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  • k3iiferz56

    i can dig it

  • Executive

    Dope but lose the lil nike sign on the side.

  • yep, like em.

  • aSh

    Uuuuuuuh yeah these go….. But I concur with what Exe. said the lil swoosh doesn’t need to be there on this model…


    yes they did change my opinion…before it was “im definitely gonna try to get these” now its “by any means necessary i will have these”

  • Mr.CinderSix’s

    These are amazing… But retailing for 235? Nike can go kick bricks with that..

  • YaY

    I like this, the colorway is dope too

  • jdub03

    When they coming out exact date

  • omar najeeb

    Roger-that executive. Lil swoosh not necessary. Them joints dope as hell other than that. Mr.Cindersix, that sht was funny:”kick bricks on that”

  • PAPI chulo

    CRaaaaaaaaaaCK!! Lose the nike sign. It look dumb AF.

  • PAPI chulo

    goin cop.

  • TheSneakerDude

    These do go hard tho!

  • ZaiahCarter

    The shoes pretty nice. I just have a problem with the small swoosh on the side. And the price being 235. They could go for 190. Somewhere in that range.