Nike Barkley Posite Max Purple/Red – First Look

Nike-Barkley-Posite-Max-Purple-RedThe Nike Barkley Posite Max will soon get another hot colorway added to its lineup. This colorway shown here sports a predominately purple upper and is highlighted with bright orange/red accents throughout. It’ll also be equipped with a glow-in-the-dark outsole similar to the previous colorways. This version shown here will also feature a snakeskin-like patterns throughout the Foamposite material.

Maybe this could be the YOTS edition? Stick with TSG as the latest update develops. In the meantime, enjoy the detailed images below.

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Nike-Barkley-Posite-Max-Snake Nike-Barkley-Posite-Max-Purple-Orange Nike-Barkley-Posite-Max-YOTS Nike-Barkley-Posite-Max-YOTS-2 Nike-Barkley-Posite-Max-Snake-3 Nike-Barkley-Posite-Max-Red-Purple Nike-Barkley-Posite-Max-Snake-2 Nike-Barkley-Posite-Max-YOTS-3

Images: SU

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  • bluemagic305

    Spiderman would love these

  • boogaloo jones

    so would godzilla

  • LG


  • Not feelin em in the slightest. the shoe just debuted and it’s already come out/ is comin out in a lot of wack cw’s. just give us the eggplants. only ones i’ve cared for.

  • dukester


  • ItDoesn’tMatter6996

    GODZILLA’s !!!

  • KP

    I’m loving that crackle effect!

  • Edson

    Damn 1 release n Nike loses their shit… This shoe will be flooded very very very soo

  • omar najeeb

    Flamboyant like a mofo. If I ddnt hav so mny kix alrdy, id prolly cop. Ima chill on these too…..maybe

  • SPINS6136

    I’m diggin the Zilla pattern!

  • JayOldPeachsteam

    +1, must have them yesterday.

  • TY

    Really starting to grow on me…I want these

  • Can’t believe the wack shit you lames eat up these days.