Nike CJ81 Elite TD Cleat

nike-calvin-johnson-cleats-1It’s rare to see a football cleat that would be able to pass as a solid sneaker release. Here’s one of the exceptions as superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson has officially received his signature cleat from Nike called the CJ81 Elite TD Cleat.

The cleat sees a new support system on the upper to maintain natural motion along with a hybrid collar design. Of course, the cleat comes in a Detroit Lions based colorway. Here’s what Johnson had to say in the press release:

“Nike took the time to understand exactly what I need in my cleats — from the way I move, to how much support I need, to the way it feels,” Johnson says. “My new CJ81 Elite TD cleat is built for hardcore performance and it looks amazing.”

Late last month, Johnson was spotted rocking a sneaker variation of the cleat here. These images give us a better look at what the sneaker release would look like (minus the cleat).

These are available now through Nike for $120.

nike-calvin-johnson-cleats-2 nike-calvin-johnson-cleats-3 nike-calvin-johnson-cleats-4


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