Nike Created Neon Air Max 97s For the Culture

Hard Body.

You can never ever go wrong with the classic Neon Air Max 95 colorway.

It’s be proven over and over again. Even Ronnie Fieg blessed his Friends & Family Kith Air Pippen 1 with the sure-fire colorway.

Nike has played around with this colorway several times over the years. The latest experiment comes courtesy of the tried and true Air Max 97. The only thing is this is a women’s Air Max 97, but I know for a fact that won’t stop fellas from coppin’ all the big sizes.

The Neon Air Max 97 just dropped at a few overseas accounts, so perhaps we’ll see a stateside drop sooner than later. Hit your local spots to see if they will be stocking this AM97.

Also, keep your eyes peeled to the women’s section on

Are you going to try and grab a pair?

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Neon Nike Air Max 97

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  • DJR

    Nike is killing it these are dope.

  • Yeah, these are fire!

  • theloverswineverytime

    So this is just in women’s sizing? Bcuz i sure as hell wouldn’t have clicked on this BS if it was ALREADY MENTIONED ON THE HEADLINE.

  • Ray.

    i hope this wasnt a Nike contracted photoshoot..
    Bc that is clearly a man’s ankles I see in the pic.
    So that lets me know that they already know that we want these!

  • OGedge


  • javi

    Yes you would. Your thirst has total control of you ??

  • I’ve been seeing quite a few women’s releases for 2017 with suspect ankles. I think the brands know what’s happening…

  • If these were only men’s and an easy cop. I’ve been meaning to get rid of my 95’s and these would have been good replacements as they have the improvements to the 95 I like but that OG CW.

  • Ray.

    Oh they know.
    Bc they not taking some of the releases all the way to size 11 like usual.

  • Ray.