Nike Creates Bo Jackson’s First Signature Shoe

nike air max bo jax shoe 2014

TSG Exclusive.

Say what? Yes, we know what you’re thinking, “What about the Air Trainer SC?” Of course the world will always refer to the Air Trainer SC and other Nike Trainers as Bo Jacksons because he was the face of several Trainers. But neither of those Trainers carried his name like Air Jordan, Air Penny, Air Griffey, etc. That said, Nike is officially giving Bo Jackson his first signature shoe and it’s called the Air Max Bo Jax. Look for this Bo Jackson sneaker to release Fall 2014.


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  • Im a big fan of Bo Jackson and glad he officially got his own shoe, but Im not feeling them. Too much of a mash up. Too much going on

  • sole4sole

    Really fresh. Not feeling this color but I like the shoe.

  • QBlow

    TSG strikes again. Not bad!

  • Just Kicks

    I’m confused. I always thought the Air Trainer SC and Air Trainer 91 Max… nvm. Always excited for all things Bo Jackson related. Good looks on the info G-Roc.

  • Converse King

    Terrible! Along with all the other Trainers you “like” and post on this awful website. G-Roc is a poor excuse of a man, trying to pass his hobby of collecting sneakers off as a real career. Go back to playing with dolls, loser!

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Loose the pull tab and they’ll be nice.

  • omar najeeb

    Joints look aight.

  • omar najeeb

    Yeah that’s it! What bx said!

  • hmm…

  • MikeyDrums86

    take out the air unit and they’d be koo.. Better colorways are needed tho…

  • MelloYelloMD

    (insert Cam’ron “NOPE!” gif)

  • Justin aka not the other Justin

    Guess we can expect the Jordan 11 snake lows soon…nike always drops 18 shoes with the same c/w (ie gamma blue everything). Sorry, Bo…these shoes suck.

  • 4DRUMZ

    I dont’ hate em’

  • Mike_Ball423

    I wanna see a pic of the actual shoe, but these aren’t bad enough to completely scare me off of them.

    Lmao Converse King aka Trolling King


    Fez Ferrari strikes again. If these had a chevron and a star youd like em

  • Harry henderson

  • Ray.

    talk about ruining a legacy..
    these look terrible.

  • QAEv

    terrible aint the word son…these are HORRIBAD.

  • omar najeeb

    Chill daphukout with all this troll $#!+ goin on lately. Thought we were all men here. Not trolls n toggafs. S’get wit it!!

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^ @ Mike_Ball423…that one ain’t for u, hoss. Don’t shoot!! Lol