Nike Is Dropping A Limited AF1 for Ko8e24 Day

Salute the Black Mamba.

Tonight Nike will release a limited edition Air Force 1 for Ko8e24 Day.

The Black Mamba inspired Air Force 1 will drop tonight, December 18 at  tipoff of the Lakers vs Warriors game at 7:30pm PST on

Kobe’s #8 is featured on the left heel and #24 is featured on the right heel.

Nike will also release Kobe tees tonight at 8:24pm PST on NDC. If you live in the Los Angeles area, check with your local retailers to see if they have the tees in stock.

Do you see anything you like?

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  • theloverswineverytime

    Can’t really see what im tryna see with just TWO angles of the shoe being shown here. ? Kinda silly to comment just given that.

  • javi

    So why even comment anything at all dumbass. Oh I forgot your thirst drives you to comment regardless ?

  • What are you trying to see?

  • sirfresh

    Legend in 2 games like I’m peewee Kirkland

  • theloverswineverytime

    An overhead look, shots of the medial sides, & close-up of the tongues.

  • javi

    Don’t worry hype G-Roc will get those pictures up to satisfy your obsession

  • theloverswineverytime

    Let’s just keep it a buck though…

    Kobe is overrated.


  • javi

    Settle down plucken hater. The only thing that is overrated is your sneaker thirst. ??