Nike Ends Partnership With ASAP Bari

He messed up a good thing.

Nike has ended its relationship with ASAP Mob member and founder of VLONE clothing label, ASAP Bari. A video surfaced last month which involved sexual assault allegations against ASAP Bari. If you saw the video, you knew it was only a matter of time before Nike ended the partnership with Bari.

A Nike source confirmed with HighSnobiety that Bari and Nike are no longer working together. That means the VLONE Nike Vandals and AF1s or any other VLONE x Nike products will not be releasing.

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  • kaydot901

    Sooooooo,soon to be featured in the NOA?!The collection was meh.John Elliot nailed the Vandal already & the forces look like team bank colorways with a v & 90’s leather.

  • LOL possible. I called this brand overrated last year and people got mad at me. But I don’t think anyone wants to be seen wearing or supporting this brand now. Yeah those JE Vandals are sooooo nice.

  • kaydot901

    I agreed wholeheartedly,That’s why I rock witcha,you have honest opinions not hypebeast on everything, that shit gets exhausting to read.I wouldn’t be surprised to see the kids still blindly follow,still selling $150 gildan 2Pac tees tho.Respect to nike tho,Rozay was dropped for insinuating sexual assault this was way beyond!I like minimalist designs a lot when its done with effort & attention to detail.The whole off-white line is trash,k-swiss with the stripes the right.maybe 3 of the shoes are okay that we’ve seen,i still think it’s just a personal troll at Ye’ by working with a few people he’s close to.Petty as an Uptempo in the Knicks CW

  • Ha! I feel you on that. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype, but sometimes stuff is just too obvious. VLONE and ASSC are the most obvious to me. But hey, if you have people willing to spend money I can’t be mad at that.

    Maybe some, but majority of people go off what the masses or cool kids say is ok or cool. That said, I think enough people will say VLONE is not cool anymore and that will be the end. I could be wrong, but that’s my guess. Once people realize they can’t get IG likes and reposts for wearing it – they’ll take their money elsewhere.

    I like the lines usage with Off White, but overall design does not impress me. And the price tag def doesn’t impress me. I’m down for quality but some of those prices… man! Even the socks retail for a grip. I do like the Off White Presto but I’m even getting my hopes up.

    Lol. Good point at trolling. They Nike/Jordan worked with Don C and Virgil.

  • Aaron Hall

    Air Rape Ones

  • sirfresh

    I saw Nike pulling that pink slip a mile away. Meanwhile cozy tapes vol 2 on the way