Nike Epic React vs adidas Ultra Boost Review

Nike Epic React vs adidas Ultra Boost Review…

Nike Epic React vs adidas Ultra Boost Review

Which running shoe is better?

Let’s be honest, that’s the most asked question when talking about Nike’s Epic React Flyknit… is it better than or more comfortable than the Ultra Boost?

There’s no need for me to front, that’s the first thing I wondered when Nike started marketing the Epic React, especially when I saw this photo. Well, it’s been a few months since the launch of Epic React and tons of reviews are being published across the Internet.

I was excited to wear test the Epic React and write an honest review, but unfortunately my wear test experience wasn’t pleasant. Long story short, I had huge blisters on my heels from running in the Epic React.

After my wear test, I figured I just needed to go up .5 in size, but that wasn’t the answer. I asked around to see if anyone else had similar issues and only one person said yes, but it’s because they ran without socks.

The young lady said she no longer had the issue while running with socks. Some shoes are not for everyone and I quickly found that out with the Epic React.

Nike Epic React vs adidas Ultra Boost Review

However, former Nike designer Tiffany Beers created a video comparison of both runners. In this video Tiffany compares each shoe with 12 attributes for her ranking system.

The 12 are: price, availability, aesthetics, upper comfort, underfoot comfort, traction, lacing system, stability, fit, quality, durability and weight. The purpose of her review is to determine which shoe is better.

I was very excited to watch this review considering her experience in the footwear industry, but I don’t fully agree with how she decided to rank each shoe. Maybe it’s just me (probably not).

Watch the video below and let’s discuss more in the comments. Did you enjoy the review and ranking system? Which model do you think is better? Share your thoughts.

Nike Epic React vs adidas Ultra Boost Review

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  • Executive Chemical Mabaya

    F them shoes, I’d slide up in that milf.(if I wasn’t married)

  • Executive Chemical Mabaya

    Still haven’t seen those Nike’s in person, from what I see tho they are dope looking.

  • Executive Chemical Mabaya

    Give her a couple light skinned chilrun!

  • C Brown

    Good review….little rough in the beginning but she got comfortable like mid way through…She should have set it up better….by explaining the manner in which the test was conducted…ie….she mentions 25 miles…what does that mean?? Was she running…walking…jogging….whats her running style?? Was that on a treadmill?? On the street?? On a track?? All those things make a huge difference….the review swings between performance and causal…so if she gave more context then it might have made the review better (or maybe worse lol)….Also..her “opinions” tend to have a Nike Bias (just a little which makes sense)….she is quick to hit Adidas for the higher price point…but Nike kinda got a pass for there price point (which if you compare the React to other sneakers in its category might be way higher then normal)….Final, when you make a comparison, the whole point is to infuse your opinion not play it safe and not go one way or the other…There is no such thing as they both get a 1….you are comparing…one has to be better or worse then the other…just make a decision and roll with it….I love running…and I have multiple UB…I would NEVER run in them as the bounce back is too much and will destroy your knees…I still have not tried the React…but because she did not give a lot of context to how she compared them…I cant say which might be better…If its causal walking around wear…ill check them out…performance and running…nah…ill stick with my Lunarepics and 4%…