Nike Euro “Neon Pack”

Nike Neon Pack

Nike just released a “Neon Pack” in Europe. The pack is made up of an Air Max 90, Air Trainer 1 and Nike Shox NZ. Each pair features black, white, mesh and neon green highlights. The Air Max 90 and Sox NZ both come with a touch of patent leather. This pack is available in Europe, and we don’t know if this is an Euro exclusive. If they do release in the US and other parts of the world we will let you know.

Air Max 90

Nike Air Max 90 Neon

Nike Air Max 90 Neon

Nike Air Max 90 Neon

Air Trainer 1

Nike Air Trainer 1 Neon

Nike Air Trainer 1 Neon

Nike Air Trainer 1 Neon

Shox NZ

Nike Shox NZ Neon

Nike Shox NZ Neon

Nike Shox NZ Neon

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  • I’m stationed in Germany right now, so if anyone REALLY wants these I can take a look at the local sneaker shop and hook it up if they got’em.

  • I’m feeling the 90’s. I could actually do some things with them, and the AT1’s are dope too. I’ll post up some pics of another AT1 that should drop sometime next year. It’s giving this pair a run for it’s money. The Shox don’t look bad either, esp if your into the Shox thing.

  • DJ

    I like the 90’s too. Acually, IMO the 90’s > Trainers. Only in this colorway, though. (:-D)

  • Rich Yung

    Whew, to me its like AM90=AT1>Shox NZ.

  • sole4sole

    90s are smomkin

  • im feelin the trainers cuz of that carbon fiber material… the 90s are dope tho… not a shox fan, but i dont hate it.

    any SKU info???

  • Jay Bills

    man this pack is hot. i love the neon colors and the trainers are the best. young cab i need the sku info also

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  • very hot.

  • Eamonn

    Really feeling the 90’s, anyone seen these in stores at all? Online store that delivers internationally preferred lol.

  • kerizle

    Yeh i saw these in footlocker (AM90&AT1)

  • theRr iight…i like de shoXx

  • Nativo

    i saw the 90s in amsterdam but when i was back at my country these shoes are sell off!!
    Have every one some information where i can get them?
    or if anyone have these shoe please let mi know caus i need the order nummber who is on the sole!

    THX in advance