Nike Extends Jeremy Lin’s Contract

February 22, 2012 | 10

It seems that Nike is truly demonstrating what #Makeitcount really means by seizing the opportunity to hold on to the NBA’s current phenom, Jeremy Lin by extending his contract. His growing success has proved to be both a lucrative and marketable venture for the Swoosh especially if the Knick’s trailblazing player continues with his success. The deal currently on the table for the point guard is also reported to entail his own signature line of footwear.  A positive endeavor for both Lin and Nike which will possibly see a heavy marketing surge in China, a rapidly growing region for the sport of basketball. A post by Nike entitled, “When you Number is Called, Be Ready” was also recently written about Lin. Would you like to see Jeremy Lin footwear?

Jeremy Lin might not have been a household name a few weeks ago, but he was still in the gym. Still putting in time to be the best player that he could be because he believed. Through being undrafted and cut, and then sitting on the bench in New York, Lin believed he would get his opportunity to show that he belonged in the NBA. He did get that opportunity and when it arrived, he was ready. Basketball never stopped for Lin, even when the circumstances were not what he had hoped.

While a 6-foot-3 point guard from Harvard isn’t the prototypical NBA player, when you boil it down, what matters isn’t who you are, but what you can do. Thanks to his hard work ethic and commitment to getting better, Lin has proven he can do the things necessary to be an NBA point guard. In the past two weeks, he’s shown he can be the starting point guard for a New York Knicks team that was desperate for stability.

Since Lin has taken over the reins at the one spot, the Knicks have won seven straight games. Lin is averaging 24.4 points and 9 assists per game over those seven victories. He’s getting his teammates -all of them involved and he’s changed the spirit of the team. He’s gone from last man on the bench to playing under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden and his transition has been a smooth one because he was ready. Whether you’re playing under bright lights with the biggest stars in the game or in a dimly-lit gym by yourself, play for the right reasons, train as though you’re training for your big break and when it comes, you’ll be ready.

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  1. I hope he can keep it up and minimize the TOs in the future. He’s off to a great start but we’ve seen (similar) players like this before in that they gained the spotlight then lost it.

    However, this case is different, I just don’t want to see him go the Steve Francis route…

    For the shoe? Let’s wait a little bit. Maybe some more PEs though.

  2. Aaron

    Can’t wait for the Nike hypetrain. All aboard.

  3. sneakercritique

    I think he could be one of the main players wearing a certain shoe like Nash & Stoudermire or even Brandon Roy but not a big shoe contract like Bron or Kobe

  4. yang

    I love to see a shoe line for Lin. I think the dude could Ball forreal, enough of the only couple games of the weeks shiet, Dude is Foreal.

  5. Supa B

    @ jawrduhn…Stevie Franchise did well for years, it was just when he got traded to Orlando & away from his bromance with Cutino Mobley is when he started his decline…I think a more accurate comparison might be Ronald Flip Murray….

  6. Cotton

    Congrads to Lin. He is taking it back to the basics! Reminds me of Tim Hardaway playing style and with Alittle bit of Scottie pippens clutchness!


  8. @Cotton I like Lin and think he’s a good player but Hardaway and Pippen. You can’t be serious. If anything he’s a poor man’s Steve Nash.

    Congrats to Lin though dude seems real humble turning down GQ covers and stuff, I wish him continued success.

  9. Dblack22

    Lin Is the Man. Yes he is still developing… but I like what I see. He is focused.
    +How the hell are you gonna say no to NIKE. Good thing is you know he wont get screwed because he is a Harvard student. Hmmmm… Nike Better watch out. Lol

  10. Patrick Kane

    Man another line of pro shoes is a good thing is you ask me. Unless of coarse they look like the Kobes and Durants. I just hope they bring the swag back into shoes.

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