Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy”

What the Foam? Sure, maybe that was your reaction but that’s not the name of this Foamposite. This particualar Nike Air Foamposite One colorway was inspired by the Galaxy. You know, as in the the system with stars, gas, and dust that’s held together by gravitational attraction. Okay, you get the point, we won’t get too scientific on you. Nonetheless, the Galaxy Foamposite leaked online earlier this week, but now you can take a closer look at the shoe. Currently slated for a 2012 release around All-Star weekend. Get it? Forget it. Stay tuned for more details and enjoy the photos.

Let us know how you honestly feel about the Galaxy Foams.

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Photography: RayP for

  • Almighty

    idk about these… gotta see more pics

  • Neo_Sole3000

    They look like someone threw up on them

  • I for one think they’re dope as all hell. Not worth the retail price to me but I think they’re dope. Foams have never done it for me though.

  • These are siiiicccckkkkk!!!

  • WHAT THE GALAXY? See what I did there? Ha!

  • sneakergameinsane

    I like them

  • DC21

    “Flip Flop Paint!”

  • @G-Roc: Boooooo

  • Chevyboy

    I’ll have to see these in person to get a better feel for them. For now, I’ll just say these are great for the collectors out there.

  • @Jawrduhn – Hater.

  • georgiaboi808

    One word sicccckkkk

  • rebelmindz

    i like but probably gonna be a qs

  • josh

    I like em actually. Very eye catching

  • I won’t be copping but the news of the 2011-2012 Foamposite assault is a clear cut indication that the original Foamposite was waaaaaaay ahead of its time.

  • Yeah… puke foams! Pushhead foams! MISTAKE FOAMS… but the hypsters will love em’ for that very reason! Jawrduhn will like them… well… I don’t know why he likes them but sometimes he likes really strange things! LoL… yeah, these are just bad in my opinion but the foam train keeps on moving!

  • dbcooper

    Not really feeling these. L ook a little to tie dye for me so I’m good. Nike thinking outoutside the box though.

  • From Sole Collector… and I QUOTE “Gentry Humphrey, wearing the “Galaxy” Air Foamposite One sample. NOT RELEASING.” ~ LoLoLoLoLoLoLoL

  • If these do see a release, hypebitches gonna buy them just like they bought those ugly ass miami nights

  • Royal “Don’t Use the Word” Swag

    Skittles Foamposites, hmm, uuuuhhhhhhhhhh, no cop for me.

  • I NEED A PAIR OF THESE IN MY LIFE. What the Foam, What the Galaxy, Whatever. These are gonna be on my shoe list.

  • Edge

    Rainbow Flag you Homos

  • Not for me but Yeah.. Different.

  • MelloYelloMD

    When I posted the blog in the community, I knew these had potential. RayP did his thing with the photo recap.

  • RAY P

    Good lookin out homie^^^^


    You Already Know!
    My honest opinion…I dig em but mainly for collection purposes. It’s hard to justify this colorway (no rainbow) LOL.

  • Tone

    Edge you are bugging for (1) those are colors from previous foamposite releases thrown on one shoe & (2) some of those colors is not in a rainbow (ex. copper & pewter) and you must haven’t been reading the article cause it clearly says galaxy as in outer space

  • Vince

    I knew they had something to do with space and I was calling them the “Big Bang” foamposite I was close though.

  • Not gonna even front, those joints are outta this world. Glad I live in the wild wild west cuz procurin Foams ain’t no problemo.

  • sick in a “I just ate too much cotton candy and Skittles and orange soda and gummi bears” way…..but I doubt I could resist buying these just to have em….

  • kev

    Nikes just running out of ideas, that was a mistake and they said fuck it lets release hype beast gonna by it either ways.

  • aka11.5

    most wanted… WILL SELL OUT IN THE DMV PERIOD… nike can send the whole shipment dc we will buy them all we live & die by foams must have shoe in the city..pennys 4 life… look who has them on coolest cat in the shoegame… big g atl

  • Idk what is about foams, but I love every pair (except cough drops)

  • I love these!!!! Need them in my life! I thought I was done with foams cause they cost too much n I thought no colorway would wow me enuff to spend the money any more. But ive been Wow’ed! Defin cop!

  • aSh

    These are a must see in person/ or detail pics first before I past judgment…. The idea is bangging,,,,,, On the really bright side you could rock whatever the hell you wanted and still match….. The foam for people whom hate matching……

  • Mightyfranchise23

    I heard nike chose to not sell these to the public, dont quote me on it but thats what SoleCollector stated on FB

  • These are dope! Great concept!

  • J_S

    Sole Collector states these will not be releasing…

  • atgbryan

    hope these dont release, fugly as a mutha

  • ewwww…rainbow shoes? Really? Foamposites or not..these are whack. Maybe for girls…maybe.

  • Wilfred

    so sick, definitely have to get my hands on a pair

  • Greasydinnerplate

    these belong in the same time capsule as skinny jeans and extra long white t’s never to be opened up again…

  • Kplumm

    these are what’s poppin . nike has to release these . I want these sooooooo bad . they’re so unique . love them !

  • jc

    this r sick i love them!!! miami nights were a fail and ppl still bought them now imagine this i think this one r raw tho.

  • pittman

    These r fire! id rock the hell outta these foams i want themmm!

  • adrian

    these shits are hot!! you can match that with anything, and still look fresh.. im deff get a pair of these for sure

  • adrian

    also, they are very different from any other pair. they have lots of colors and that looks nicee. these are the type of sneakers i would wear for the summer!!

  • Rob Haze

    I’ve been so lonely girl, I’ve been so sad and down
    Couldn’t understand why haters joked around
    I wanted to be free with other creatures like me
    And now I got my wish, cause i know that I’m a gay fish (gay fish)

  • Niel Anblome

    Could have been better
    Seriously it looks like the sneakers were slapped by skittles.It almost looks pathetic.
    @Jawrduhn there are no stupid answers just stupid people and sadly your one of them.

  • Sexiest shit evarrrr

  • donte

    these foams are different thats what makes em so unique it isnt just a stationary color like the metallic reds thats to boring i want something thats gunna pop not just in color but in style also

  • Jam

    Actually the Galaxy’s are coming out I work for at a shoe store and there on our manifest they release the 28th of this MONTH!!! THESE ARE THE DOPEST TO RELEASE SINCE METALLIC RED !!!

  • Pilot

    i heard they only drop in Orlando…i don’t believe that, but can someone confirm this….

  • fleaboi

    Please Please Please let me know where the exact stores are that will have the galaxy foams i need them please and thanx

  • will

    They are being sold at house of hoops nyc and some footaction accounts

  • Michael Burns

    These are some of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. Anyone who waits in line and spends their hard earned money on these is a complete MORON!

  • BAM

    Any male wearing those shoes should also be flying a rainbow flag. Them shyts look ghey.

    Give me a pair of all white or all black Uptowns any day over this bullshyt.

  • deathjoker512

    man those are uugggggglyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! i rather get a pair of sketchers