Nike Wmns Gladiateur 2 Concord/White

Some ladies hate them, some ladies like them, and some ladies love them. The Nike Gladiateur 2 sandals is now available in a new color for spring/summer. Ladies, before you unveil your toes, PLEASE make sure they are presentable. Thank you. As for the women’s Gladiateur 2, a new color is now available. The official colorway is concord/white/metallic silver/black. Ladies you can grab a pair, or fellas you can pick up a pair for your lady. Retail is $80.

A total of five colors are available at the NikeStore.

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  • Supa B

    Air Jerusalems….

  • Reek

    lmao @ supa b



  • @AlSneaks

    straight hoodrat specials. it would take a special kinda chick to pull this off w/o bein hella tacky.

  • Laced&Lovely

    I actually really like this model-I have the black pair…and trust I’m far from a hoodrat. Not feeling this blue colorway tho..I agree it is kind of tacky. If Nike put these out in Navy blue I could probably work with it. Anyways these are super comfortable and although I think the pricetag could be a little lower I was definitely pleased with the pickup!

  • puerto-black

    Air haysoos(jesus)

  • L.A. 2 THE BAY


  • @Laced&Lovely – “trust I’m far from a hoodrat”. I co-sign that.

  • Sek

    Tacky chicks from every boro in NYC will be rocking these in full effect this summer along with they man rocking the green foams smfh.

  • Air Shenaynay…laces should be made of dookie braid extensions (synthetic hair)