Nike HTM Flyknit: Hiroshi Fujiwara & Mark Parker

Earlier this week, the Nike Flyknit technology was revealed with an explanation on the basis of the work and why the design was sought after. Now, more colorways have appeared with help from two of the HTM members, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Mark Parker.

With four years in the making, Nike achieved a knit upper that really plays with the eyes. To show off the versatility of the sneaker, they concocted diverse colorways that give great detail to the texture of the upper.

From the looks of it, the HTM Flyknits are turning into a you gotta see it to believe it colorways, but with only 100 pairs of each colorway dropping, that may be difficult. Look for these to be available at 21 Mercer. Via Hypebeast

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  • Got my attention.

  • That blue pair…green pair? Turquoise? Whatever it is, that is dope as all hell…

  • ^what he said

  • ^^Looks like we are the only people feeling them.

  • The NewJent

    Naw G im def on board. Concept and Delivery is on point. 100 Pairs though? FML

  • JBYRD23

    Hella Dope!!! Love all the FLAVAS!!!

  • @The NewJent – Okkk! I can’t wait to try them on.

    @JBYRD23 – I had to re-read your comment, I thought you said you love all the FLAWS! LOL

  • isuckathockey35

    Anyone want to help me out with the white/grey/neon/black Lunar pair?

  • My Dixie wrecked

    Was at mercer for the release yesterday the first 2 color ways sold out in minutes was able to get my wife a pair of the first ones the white black voltage

    The USA Olympic one is dropping Saturday

    Just an amazing sneaker top notch quality

  • Kicksboywonder

    So, are all of them going to limited? I want a pair

  • My Dixie wrecked


    They were gone in minutes. I picked up a 7.5 if that helps

  • dotsupreme

    honestly there nasty big fan of nike running frees are dope and these are up there cant wait to try some on


    A quality summer shoe … i still rock my original ClimaCools every now and then… I know these will be similar if not better.