Nike KD 5 “Galaxy” – First Look

The Galaxy-theme won’t stop with the Nike LeBron 10 model shown earlier today because it looks like KD 5 model will join in of the fun as well. This KD 5 shown here is in a mixture of different shades of green and bright orange. The tongue and inner liner is draped with a space-like print to coincide with the galaxy theme.

No word of an exact release date, but rumor has it is that it might release during the 2013 NBA All-Star Game. Stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates.

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Images: weibo

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  • bdogg

    i really hope this is not he all star theme?? once is a enough. been there..done that!

  • Shane D.

    Galaxy concept two years in a row? Lame!

  • AlSneaks

    *FACE PALM* I just…..I….nevermind…


    Give it up it WAS a dope concept until they put it on every god damn shoe and watered it down..just STOP

  • beanz

    It only fitting that they do a space theme concept since the All Star game is in Houston.

  • kp

    Eh. I like the KD 4 version better..

  • Sole Seriouz

    Please just stop with the galaxy stuff.

  • Shawty Black

    The side view is better than the bird’s eye view, and we all know that bird’s eye view is SUPER important.

  • Not feeling them. Im pretty sure there wont be a “color saver” for me when it comes to the kd 5. I just dont like this shoe at all. The colorways dont compliment the shoe at all either.

  • aSh

    I’m diggin em…. the Vs kinda growing on me and I do plan on getting the “DMV/SEAT PLEASANT/MUMBO SAUCE?” whatever the f@ck I’m gonna grab em…. heard they run big like JB VII’s…. anyone care to enlightem me on that???

  • Mr.Amazing

    They aren’t the galaxies they are called the meteor.

  • LG

    i like em and will try to cop

  • LG

    @Ash the KD V don’t run big,they run a little narrow.

  • Just Kicks

    Thumbs down

  • aSh

    @LG thanks for the heads up!!! So true to size just gotta loosen the laces I take it?

  • Jstar

    They need to make KD a better sneaker….these are not fresh son…..I don’t like the way the shoes bend up in the front..In Charlie Murphy voice”NOT SEXY”

  • c.o.l.d

    These suck time for new ideas Nike come on son

  • omar najeeb

    @jstar-we are men. Wut the f&&& we need a shoe to look sexy on our feet for? @ ash I second that on the kd 5s. Jus go tru to sz and loosen the laces. Enjoy, boy!

  • real hair

    looks m ore like the “LebRon 9 “cannon” colorway in my opinion. I personally like the color on this particular shoe…but most of you guys are right Nike brand needs to quit it with the galaxy theme…..these should be called the cannons

  • Guess Who?

    @realhair That’s exactly what I was thinking if it wasn’t for tongue they would be cannon KD’s

  • gee

    The first set of the galaxy kickz was fire these 2nd sets are not doing it for me please stop with this galaxy crap

  • joe

    i miss the kd 4 so much

  • danniB

    its not the color way that bothers me its the actual shoe KD IV was better in my opinion i don’t really like the make of the V i think all of them are ugly no matter what color u put on them….