Nike KD 6 – New Images

nike kevin durant 6

In case the first images of the Nike KD 6 weren’t enough, new photos have emerged giving another look at the sneaker.

More details are shown this time around including the sideways tongue and a close look at both sides of the sneaker. These images give a better look at the material build of the shoe, providing a less plastic look from the first images, which is a great sign.

Judge for yourself with the latest images and let us know what you think of the Nike KD 6.

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Images: souluvbeatz

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  • SG

    Look better but still look like some soccer shoes to me.
    Some better colorways would probably help

  • Executive aka NFG

    Ankle breakers. Lol at the last pic, the lame had to get his 13’s in the pic too.

  • Easy pass

  • Ed

    I’d like to see a high variant before passing judgement. They look cool though.

  • P.A.’s Finest

    Whats up with that tongue son? Look like some nike FB’s an shii

  • They look ok from the front. But from the sides they look like crap. Another easy pass on durants for me this year

  • Mars Blackmon

    Not feeling these

  • Kd’s never had no wins slidin in these dens.

  • Nikeindabutt

    If not for the ‘KD’ on the back this design looks just like some Kobes (add air bubble unit). What’s with all these super low bball kicks though?

  • Mike T

    I look forward to seeing these shoes on an actual athlete – and not on the people in these photos.

  • Kinda glad they back to low tops. Why is everybody rockin chronic socks?

  • champ

    retail 250$

  • Ehh, still dont really like em. That mofo in the last pic is nothin but a ham tryin to show off them trashy @$$ 13s. I cud see if they were ’04’s

  • Ehh, watch yo mouf bout them 13’s there young bowl.

  • These shits look like soapbox durby cars

  • Derby*