Nike KD II Kevin Durant – Spring 2010

Nike KD II Kevin DurantWith the sucess of Kevin Durant’s first signature shoe, the KD1, Nike is set to release the second signature model next year. The KD1 was a very simple silhouette, and the KDII will follow in the same footsteps. Nike footwear designers spice things up a bit by adding a strap to the KDII.

According to these images, the Nike KDII is off to a good start and should attract a strong following. Dropping Spring 2010 for $85. via  NT

More pics after the jump…

Nike KD II Kevin Durant

Nike KD II Kevin Durant

Nike KD II Kevin Durant

Nike KD II Kevin Durant

Nike KD II Kevin Durant

Nike KD II Kevin Durant

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  • too many shoes on the list to cop these but these are not bad at ALL

  • ^I actually like the KDII better than the KD1

  • hyestylekid

    There was success with the 1st ones????

  • MelloYelloMD

    They are getting better but still weak (and that’s from a DC Native).

  • Converse King

    These look way too cheap to be 85 dollars. They should be on a clearance rack for 45 or lower.

  • They look like that shoe you see in the corner rack, that looks kinda like that shoe you bought last week! LOL

  • Jay-Rizz

    These are weak, but Durant is my fav player on my fav team, so I’ll pick em up.

  • roclachamp

    I still like the KD1, didnt expect a new shoe this soon

  • Russ Bheez

    nice .. great price point…I’m a fan

  • royal swagness

    Kevin Durant Is A Good All Around Player.Got 3 Point Range,mid Range,and Can Dunk.For $85 I Def Copp N With His Jersey Next Year.And He Finished 4th In Scoring Next 2 Dwyane,lebron,and Kobe.Tats Skill.

  • 4DRUMZ

    Getting better (the shoe)… still have NEVER seen anyone in his shoe other than KD himself??? As far as the scoring stats from this year… if D Wade and KD don’t score… who will on their teams? The game has changed and just “scoring” no longer gets you cred… or championships! I like the shoe… good $45 clearance pick up.

  • lusty

    looks like one of the nike re-fresh shoes the alphalutions.
    i preffered his first pair aestheticaly, these look like there hasnt been much work put into them

  • ashley

    why dont they make more colors of lebrons and kevin durants in kids they are your biggest consumer