Nike Zoom KD IV “Weatherman” First Look

Kevin Durant’s Nerf Zoom KD IV has everyone’s attention, but KD said he likes the Weatherman Zoom KD IV better than the Nerfs. We no longer have to imagine what the Weatherman KD 4’s look like. Today Kevin Durant provided us with a first look at the Weatherman KD 4’s. As you can see, the colorway was inspired by the Doppler radar system meteorologists use to predict the weather. Do you like the Weatherman KD 4’s better than the Nerfs? No release date yet, but enjoy the photos. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Neat concept. However, I’m definitely feeling the Nerfs better.

  • Edge

    I effing love the concept, especially for the colorways, very original. However the KD is not the model to do it on

  • G_Gil

    I am loving these KDs that been dropping lately… I will be getting these….

  • dalton044

    i love the sole but would much rather cop the Nerfs

  • …ima757boy.

    …these are definitly headed in the right direction.The NERF/WEATHERMAN colorways ENHANCE the shoe.

  • Today’s forecast’s dark & gloomy with 100% chance that THESE TOTALLY SUCK HORSE EGGS…

    Lotto picks, Farmers Market savings sneak-peek, and local sports highlights coming up next…

    Back to you Chauncey!

  • Wilfred

    man the green is so loud!!!, and the icy sole! mmmm 🙂

  • MonTres¤¤¤¤

    Hahahah^ agreed

  • Herb T

    With that shirt Killa, I wouldnt mind having a pair of these or the Nerf’s

  • I’m sorry… they got this all wrong… these are the ATHLETE’S FOOT themed KD IV’s! Just look at that sole… the flare ups are here… here… and a big spot right here!

  • aSh

    KD… Why r u sitting with ur feet on the couch man??!? Lol

  • I’m feelin they they cool but I like the nerfs better

  • Nerfs murder these

  • m20xr

    Move over Lebron and Kobe.


    down with kobes up with durants

  • zack

    These shoes are super fresh they deffinitly stand out