Nike KD V – First Look

The wait is finally over! Photos of the Nike KD V leaks a few weeks after our exclusive interview with the man behind Kevin Durant’s Nike signature shoe line. Leo Chang kept a tight lip about the KD 5 details, but now you can take a first look at Kevin Durant’s fifth Nike shoe. His fifth shoe highlights KD’s need for a clean, youthful, timeless, and high-performance driven shoe.

Overall, here’s what the shoe has to offer: (Upper) Durable Hyperfuse construction composite upper coupled with intergrated strech lacing system with a flexible and comfortable forefoot. (Midsole) Injected Phylon midsole with intergrated heel clip for excellent lockdown and stability. Max Air heel cushioning and forefoot Nike Zoom unit. (Outsole) Lightweight, multi-directional flexible solid rubber outsole for smooth weight reductive traction.

As expected, the retail price for KD’s fifth shoe received a bump. While we were expecting a $5-$10 increase, the retail price increased $20. That said, the Nike KD V will retail for $115. A total of 10 KD V colorways are seen below. All colors are currently slated for a Spring 2013 release.

Click through the gallery for a closer look at 10 KD V colors.

Images: AaronKnows

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  • Tate

    I actually like these! I see a couple of pairs that I’ll be getting…

  • @Tate – Glad you like them.

  • james

    ..damn now I gotta go grab some 4’s before they gone. They aren’t bad, just look too much like hyperdunks/enforcers

  • hey_I_knothatguy

    Not feeling the CW’s but the style is dope! Can’t go wrong with $115… But since im a die hard Miami Heat fan, so if OKC wins KD V will stay on the shelf.

  • Sneakers_Yo

    Damn… KD IV’s looks like where the peak of his signature… i like the 4’s the best because it was so unique and different, the colourways… this just looks like a PE hyperdunk/fuse

    but thanks for the news G-Roc, always helping a sneakerhead out!

    Thanks TSG

  • Sneakers_Yo

    “KD IV’s looks to be where the peak of his signature shoe will stand…” ***sp

  • jj


  • SPINS6136

    MAJOR step backward for the KD line.

  • TheNewJent

    so nike wanna get lazy with the KD line and up the price as well. That isnt a common trend at the office at all.

  • JBYRD23

    NO BUENO!!! KD IV’s ALL DAY!!!

  • aSh

    I’m sure better cw will make this shoe more appealing…. But IVs were dope… These… Eeeh we’ll see…

  • Ain’t too shabby….kinda wished they stayed at the $100 Ben Frank ball park figure, but hey that’s Nike so….

  • StrugglinSteve

    looks too much like other nike bball sneakers. maybe the VI’s will be nice? ha

  • ericbrizzy

    KD I & II’s were not all that hot either, but pretty sure these colorways are all subject to change and will see some pretty cool themes like the IV’s

  • LG

    Need to see detailed pics. not bad tho

  • 2npac

    Nothing original or unique about this shoe at all…I know it’s hard to continually up the ante, but the KD IV’s were so unique, and then you get the V’s and they look like your cookie-cutter team bball shoes. They really dropped the ball on this one. (Oh yeah…IMO)

  • snkrcritique

    Hahaha well back to the IV’s

  • snkrcritique

    But his line is taking the same turn to me as Lebron’s first two were decent 3rd pretty good 4th was great then V & VI weren’t as good but 7-9 turned out great imo

  • Towelie

    wow finally a mid cut

  • Anonymous

    There’s a reason why the silhouette they use is similar to the hyperdunks etc., it’s cause it works performance wise
    In the end, nike doesn’t care how much the consumer likes the looks. Their main focus is to give kd a high performance sneaker, and if that means using a trite design, they’ll do it.
    Past kd sneakers may have looked nice, but on court, they weren’t all that great (in my experience)
    Just sayin…

  • Shawty Black

    They are okay, but I think they lost their originality. The strap on the others gave them a different flare from the other basketball signature shoes that are popular right now. The CWs (as of now) are not really that great except for the tan, blue, and gray one and the metallic/rust orange one. I don’t know man, I’m on the fence.

  • Weezy23

    Have to see a detailed pic but there not too bad. See 2 colorways i would consider. I wasnt the biggest fan of the 4 when they came out so we shall see.

  • JOP

    No character. Sad.

  • serg252001



    Just went to eastbay to check out the IV cw. Lol. Definitely not getting these. The KD IV were AMAZING and soooooo unique. Now imma just stick to j’s, Kobe’s, and lebrons. Saw a leaked pic of the lebron 10. THEY GONNA BE FRESH!! Can’t wait!

  • jdogg13

    Gonna go get sum IV now. Lol

  • asdf

    what the fuck is this shit

  • jdogg13

    Im sorry KD I’m ur biggest fan but this doesn’t cut it… Id rather get the 2012 hyperdunks… And I probably will because they r cool and new colorways r comin… These r better than the hyperfuses and hyperagressors but it doesn’t cut it… Sorry just to much like a hyperfuse

  • jdogg13

    I might get them just not these cws… These cws r gross… I have to see detailed pics and better cws to c if I will continue buying from KD cuz I support KD…. I just ordered some KD IV iD on and they r fantastic…

  • Kd sneakerhead

    I get that they are not as nic looking as the 3s or the 4s but nike needs to make a shoe the will jump KDs game to its highest point and dont forget he is a small foward i sure he would rather have a mid cut than a low. My question is will the have an inner swoosh.

  • spash

    when these come out

  • oj

    is kd shoes turning to hyperdunk kinda style? just like with lebron X…?

  • Anonymous

    boring and 2much. i like the kobe 678 cuz the unique patterns nd stuff. these might as well be nike hyperdunks 2013