Nike Kobe 9 “Masterpiece” – Detailed Images

January 14, 2014 | 14

Kobe-9-Elite-ShoesA close up look at the Masterpiece Kobe 9.

The Nike Kobe 9 is suppose to be Kobe’s greatest sneaker yet. Why is it the one of the best Kobe model so far? Well, for one thing the Kobe 9 features Flyknit materials throughout the upper.

Also, the Flyknit materials on the upper means that each pair won’t have the same exact pattern. The Masterpiece Nike Kobe 9 has a release date on February 8, 2014 with a retail price of $225. Enjoy these on feet and detailed images below.

Images: HB/kenluboss/tony0214

Nike-Kobe-9-Masterpiece Nike-Kobe-9-Masterpiece-Back Nike-Kobe-9-Masterpiece-Tongue Nike-Kobe-9-Elite-Shoes

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Comments (14)

  1. rico strong

    1 word…flavor

  2. Mater

    Looks like some paquiaos

  3. bdogg

    these are ok…i want detail pics of mid/low..dont care if it is flyknit or EM! get it done NIke!!

  4. omar najeeb

    Nnaaaww, man. I can’t mess with these. Lol

  5. That look up top is a fuck nalls. Pardon me but…

  6. @Mater Kobe actually said that this was taken inspiration from when he was watching Pacquiao train.

  7. Executive

    Fishin boots. They come out on my b day.

  8. gurf

    The on-foot pics makes it look like dude has prosthetic feet

  9. Mids

    Cut like 5 inches off and we got something going on, they look like space shoes imma slam dunk over the moon

  10. edson garces

    Im def buy the first model and thats it on the HIGH HIGH HI HII tops 9

  11. PepeRoni

    shoes are meh but those cuffs….hilarious!

  12. MikeyDrums86

    im good not to bad tho

  13. Rick

    Tough! Different, But Tough…!

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