Nike LeBron 10 “Cork” – Detailed Images

nike lebron x cork

For one of the most unique Nike LeBron 10 designs and for the most part, one of the most unique sneaker designs, we get a closer look at the LeBron 10 “Cork” edition.

We’ve got the release date which is February 23, and we’ve seen the official images, but here’s one last look for those on the fence of getting them or not. The abstract design works very well with the model and minor details including the Lion on the side panel add to the effect along with premium materials used on the liner and tongue.

For anyone looking for a pair now, hit up @ivegottheshoez on Instagram.

nike lebron x cork

nike lebron x cork

nike lebron x cork

nike lebron x cork

nike lebron x cork

nike lebron x cork

nike lebron x cork

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  • JBYRD23

    Super Clean!

  • Good looking shoe with a great concept.

  • edson

    I dont know why but i want these cuz of the uniqueness.. I still don’t like lebron though lol… DURANT AND D ROSE ALL DAY

  • SBedge

    the material is dope no doubt, but I would have taken the concept a little further and given it a Bin 23 treatment… incorporating a wax swoosh seal, and making the soles a dark burgundy

  • JB

    These look dope as hell!!!

  • Heat

    Those are tough! Amazing design.

  • Mars Blackmon

    Ok so these are a definite must cop!

  • shoe guy

    great shoe i want it… but am sure they will only make 100 pairs lol

  • Executive

    Saw them for $2000 on a sneaker site! $2000! Thats a mean assault rifle.

  • aSh

    I just don’t like how flimsy the cork material looks… I don’t think this shoe will hold up very well and I hate buying sneakers that mess up after 1 wear….
    Weeeeeeell I’ll tell you what… if I get a pair I am willing to trade for a DS Crown Jewel…

  • omar najeeb

    Who cares!!! SIKE!! Jus kidding. Don’t cus me out y’all! These joints are pretty dope. They’ll jus be way too ltd forme to make an attempt for em. Too long a campout for em. Too big a chance of getn into it w/ some homo try’na cut the line etc. Dope shoe, tho. Lol

  • Julio


  • .Kingston.

    These fiyah.!