Nike LeBron 10 “Cork” Price Change

Nike-LeBron-X-CorkAs the anticipated Nike LeBron 10 “Cork” is set to release this Saturday, it looks like a change has been made. As it turns out, instead of the initial price of $305, the new retail price is now $250. Even though it doesn’t change the fact that these are limited and highly sought after, hopefully the price drop can help ease some people’s wallets. The Nike LeBron 10 “Cork” will hit select NSW retailers on February 23rd.

Are you happy with the price drop or would rather have Nike make more pairs and keep the $305 price tag? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Nike LeBron 10 “Cork”
Classic Brown/Classic Brown-University Red-Hazelnut

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  • JayOldPeachsteam

    Oooh… that feels good… mmm…

  • Beanz

    Why can’t they make more and still keep the price tag $250? No need to be greedy. The Jordan xx8 is supposedly the most advanced and tested shoe by Nike/ Jordan they still keep a $250 price and that is still by most too much.

  • Lem

    They are still too much. Nike is hitting cats over the head with the “limited” tag. They weren’t worth $305 and they aren’t worth $250 in my opinion.

  • Im actually shocked that Nike went down on the price, especially cause everyone was ready to shell out the $305. But even the $250 is too much imo. I guess you can’t argue with a price drop of any kind tho

  • Executive

    The price is never an issue to me, it’s the availibilty that pisses me off. Not saying I’m a fan of these but just talking about kicks in general. People never complain when it’s a “south Beach” colorway.

  • AceofJ’s

    I wanted these so bad, but I wasn’t gonna cop at at $350! Now that they’re dropped im def getting them!

  • DeathOverDesigner

    Drop these down 100 more dollars then we’ll be good!

  • KP

    I was willing to pay $350. If anything its gonna be harder now because more people are gonna try to buy them! smh

  • Dre23

    I’d much rather have them make more pairs than drop the price! I’m tired of wasting my time just to not get my shoe!

  • SoleAmbition23

    I support the price drop.

  • KayGotKicks

    If only they could drop the price AND make more pairs! Then everyone would be happy

  • aSh

    Agree… they need more available to buy… gonna try my luck with the raffle… won’t be to upset if I don’t get em tho… Got my ET X’s and that’s what I really wanted this month… Corks would be an added bonus

  • Edson

    Were those barkleys worth 250? NO.. Still sold out… Foams worth 230 plus?? No, still sell out….. Why y’all crying about those priced too high …. I won’t cop regardless

  • Ed

    The prices are still too expensive

  • I think this is bad because now people will have less chance to get them because so many people will get them. When hey were 305 their were chepos that werent gonna pay that!

  • Dean

    Like it matters the majority of us will have to win a raffle to get these. hoo-ray….not

  • 1st world problems.

  • omar najeeb

    @dean….Lmao (“hooray…not”, funny)
    Anyhoo, kick rocks nike. Kick…rocks!

  • Price drops are always good

  • Guess Who?

    They should’ve kept them at 305$ IMO that’s why folks were able to get All-Star Kobe’s last weekend make them see how much they want them it’s not like they aren’t gonna already be re selling for a ridiculous price

  • nishant

    these are hideous.