Nike LeBron 10 “Cork” – Release Date

The Nike LeBron 10 will soon see a premium colorway added to the already stacked lineup. After all the different images we finally have a release date for the LeBron 10 “Cork”. This LeBron 10 is upgraded with premium materials such as soft leather and cork materials. To pay homage to LeBron’s Championship, the upper is completely draped in cork-like materials with the interior laced with premium leather.

Mark your calendars because the Nike LeBron 10 “Cork” has a release date on February 23rd. Let us know in the comment section below if this LeBron 10 is a definite cop.

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Nike LeBron 10 x NSW Cork Edition

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  • 1 for Definite. Lol …Sending out texts to plugs as I type.

  • yung crac

    They gonna fall apart im good !

  • I heard they arnt exactly cork and that they wont fall apart. This is going to be my first lebron since the dunkman 7s.

  • Well they are cork but its not JUST cork upper lol

  • Doc Oc

    if you’re not well connected you can forget about getting them. I seen a guy on eBay with a 11 pair moving for 2500 a pop idk if he has any left. I just hope my connect comes through even then I’m hoping not to pay more then 6 to get’em early.

  • I wonder how much? 350?

  • omar najeeb

    @yung crac
    G’on w/that bull$#!t of yours. That ain’t gonna work! Pple still gon’ camp out for these and they’ll be gone in an instant. Nice try, actually,,,terrible try!!!
    As far as I’m concerned, I can’t say def-cop. But I will say def-attempt. Salute!!

  • Towelie

    Will these even hold up?

  • dotsupreme

    i can see them running 200-220 not no 300+

  • Mally

    Theyre pre selling on ebay for $2500..

  • Metatron

    $2500 to avoid camping out? where do i sign up?!

  • JBYRD23

    Really Loving the concept & shoe.

  • shoe guy

    nice material too bad its on this ugly ass shoe..

  • shoe guy

    what locations will get this..??? leme guess only 2 stores will get 2 pairs

  • nvmeny

    does anybody know where will they release these at?

  • Fly kid 718

    @nvmeny yeah on mars I heard they got 96 pairs