Nike LeBron 10 “Galaxy” – First Look

If you thought the Nike Galaxy craze is over then think again because it looks like there will be another Galaxy-inspired sneaker set to drop. The latest Nike LeBron 10 is draped in a space-like pattern throughout the shoe. The metallic purple upper is accented with hints of 3M speckles throughout the upper.

The inner liner is also equipped with constellation graphics as well. The release date is still unconfirmed, but be sure to stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates. Let us know in the comment section below if this LeBron 10 is a definite cop?

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Click through the gallery below for a detailed look.

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  • I’m not a fan of the LeBron 10 model. But the Cork’s and these are a must for me! All I have to say is I need size 9.5.

  • Lem

    Horrendous in my opinion. But people will buy because they slapped the title “galaxy” on them. Again, this is just my opinion.

  • Kicksboywonder

    Oh Lord!!! Here we go again…

  • Executive

    Omg my skinny pants just busted! In line now as we speak.

  • Not feeling them at all. That purple color looks so off n just wrong.

  • LMFAO ! This is wack. Galaxy = PLAYED OUT !


  • AlSneaks

    these things are horrible.

  • Shane D.

    Why did they use the Galaxy theme again?

  • Executive

    I’m willing to trade my ZL1 camaro for these, it has 5412 miles on it.

  • beanz

    ^Shane D. it’s probably because the All Star game is in Houston for 2013. That’s the only thing that I can think of. I would have perferred them to a something creative like the lebron 9 version. something space related or than space itself.

  • kp

    I like the speckled 3M, but that’s about it.

  • Sole Seriouz

    No thanks….

  • treypa

    YUCK…. Too many color ways! lame

  • aSh

    What Kp said…. glade I don’t like this pair… saves my money for the “Dolphines” cw in March anyways soooooo good luck to all I’M OUT!!!!!

  • Just Kicks

    These look ok

  • Jstar

    Not a fan….

  • c.o.l.d

    Not impressed at all the suck

  • omar najeeb

    A lil much for me too. Here’s irony: most of us here are, at best, iffy about the shoe. The one j-off who usually hates-a-lot on this site, likes these “eh” joints. Figures.

  • 4DRUMZ

    I dig em’

  • TheSneakerDude


  • Guess Who?

    Eww how come nike couldn’t have gotten more creative this year & change theme?

  • bladaoh

    i think they’re dope

  • danniB

    its funny how ppl try to act all high and mighty and above it all…. take a damn seat pleeeease. personally i can live without them buuuuttttt I can seee why ppl may like them and refuse to be the type of person to downplay a shoe…

  • They are nice as f$!k just gotta know how to rock em..

  • Daliyah Scruggs

    these shoes are ugly af & look all ashy in person just UGHHH, NO.