Nike LeBron 10 “Prism” – New Images

The Nike LeBron 10 lineup will see one more colorway to drop just before new year. The next colorway to step up to the line is the colorway dubbed “Prism” shown a few weeks ago. Although the nickname suggest that this LeBron 10 would be draped with a multicolored upper; instead it’s in a predominately grey Hyperfuse upper. Only the midsole, branding, and the inner liner will have the Prism pattern.

Look for the Nike LeBron 10 “Prism” to hit NSW accounts like RCK. The retail price is set at $180.

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  • JBYRD23

    Loving these right here mang!

  • aSh

    ^^^You and me both maaaane!!!! I have been wanting these from the jump… so far, besides the crown jewels:(.. I’ve gotten every pair of X that’s been on my radar.. I’m hoping to grab the Corks just so I can trade someone for their CJ pack…
    (cause I’m not spending $700.00 on em F-THAT)
    Goodluck to all that want these!!!!

  • 4DRUMZ

    These were 1st in line… but the Christmas X’s have since bumped them!

  • Beanz

    I feel they could have used the them better. Especially since they introduced the diamond swoosh. They could given this a prism swoosh and flip the out and midsole. Made the laces multicolor these would been nasty. IMO

  • omar najeeb

    @beanz That thang sound good wut u said, boy-salute! I think jawns is still mean as they are. Pro’ly leav’em tho. Aj1s and the like comin up. Need those.

  • iufreak18

    I like!

  • AirJedi

    simple and beauty!!! love the small details of the prism….this would be my 7 pair ( Blue D, Jade,Floridinas,DunkMan,Lava coming next 12/26 Xmas and this to closed the 2012…Brons X go HARD!!! Same thing happen to me with the 8 can’t stop copping…Next year in list the Dolphins…