Nike LeBron 11 – First Look

Nike-LeBron-11-ShoesThe upcoming Nike KD 6 got fans wondering how will LeBron James next signature sneaker turn out. You can stop wondering because here is a first look at the Nike LeBron 11. This upcoming model features a sleeker silhouette has a more chiseled look as well.

Expect more changes to be made since these pairs is still in its test wear stages. Stick with TSG for the latest updates and images. What do you think about the Nike LeBron 11 so far?

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Nike-LeBron-11-SneakerImages: @abt_lrj23/ @mavcarter

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  • Hmm? No visible Zoom Air?

  • Lem


  • sneakerguy69

    i like kd 6s way more than these….

  • Not feeling them at all. Hopefully more changes will come. But I dont like the direction they are heading in.

  • These could potentially be dope. not hating what i see. hopefully they won’t drop a bunch of wack cw’s but that seems almost mandatory.

  • Executive aka NFG

    I’m in line right now! Lol. Heat! Dope! I need these in my life! Some celeb wore them! I’m all over them!

  • Executive aka NFG

    Retail price $349.64.

  • J_Collector

    just make a south beach photo shop and comments will change

  • Justin

    These look more in line with the Soldier line than the actual Lebron line.

    I kinda like them…it looks like they are similar to the Penny V upper-upper, which are comfortable as hell. It’s funny because I could see the Foamposite material being added to NikeID for these…which would basically make them a Penny mashup.

  • @exec….lolol! U buggin out bo! U and @J_collector , y’all said the truth tho!
    But these are promising. More constuctivist with these than other lebrons. But not bad.

  • SG

    Need more pics. They don’t look bad though

  • Executive aka NFG

    I think these have armorposite.

  • JOP

    Outstanding, no more desire for X’s here.

  • MikeyDrums86

    @ Exec.. Lol armposites that’s hilarious I like that tho!!! Me personally I agree with @Justin looks like the zoom soldier w/o the strap.. Could be dope but rendering will be needed but curious to see what the final product will look like!!


    dude armor is the exact word i was looking for. These things look bulletproof.

  • chuck.boogie

    These look like Optimums Prime’s shoe

  • Jarvo

    Heard off rip they’re 200 pfffft

  • kikzaddikt


  • Lilweeweemane

    Megatron got a nike endorsement now?

  • bluemagic305

    Need a iron man cw

  • Iced0ver


  • with the right CW these could be on some next generation $hit. and I don’t even like the 10’s that much

  • Billion

    Strictly Performance

  • Towel

    They look like Zoom Soldiers

  • JOP

    Just like soldiers… Hmm.. Was hoping they dumped the air bag but perhaps not…

  • De Anthony Green

    i hope they make these. these are nice that colorway options and nikeid potential could be ridiculous if done right.

  • Guess Who?

    So futuristic not bad but wouldn’t wear these off-court like that

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    I loved the air bag… 🙁

  • Damian

    I don’t know why you guys don’t like the shoes they are good going out shoes I don’t know for basketball but they look awesome

  • awesomerock12

    that looks like it has plastic all over