Nike LeBron 11 “Terracotta Warrior”

02_20130706_07_Nike_LJ_00269-1_large“Lock me down so I can fly”.

When LeBron James traveled to China in 2011, he was impressed by the Terracotta Warrior Exhibition. The Terracotta warrior is a reflection of LeBron’s style of play; confidence, hard work, and determination.

So Nike decided to make a colorway inspired by the warriors. This colorway sports a neutral grey with bright pop colors to mimic the actual statues.

The Nike LeBron 11 Terracotta Warrior will release in China on October 1 and a U.S release date on November 27.


James was impressed by the Terracotta Warrior Exhibition, which he visited when he was in Xi’An, China, in 2011. The exhibit, plus James’s playing style – which reflects a warrior’s spirit of grit, confidence, hard work and determination – inspired the Terracotta Warrior colorway.

The design of the shoe is inspired by the Terracotta Warriors as we see them today — in neutral stone colors along with pop colors of purple/teal/red to represent how they were originally painted. The graphic texture on the upper articulates the linked, plated armor that the warriors wore. The special lining shank design graphic is drawn from the style of Bronze Age art, the era in which the Terracotta Warriors were made.

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  • Executive

    I need these so bad!

  • mask

    I just dont like these shoes. So far I think the breds are the most appealing colorway but not worth my money at the end of the day.

  • omar najeeb

    Eh, not so much these, tho. Still…not bad.

  • MikeyDrums86

    they aite

  • another busted colorway for a great shoe. can we just have some regular colorways (“Orlando”, “spacejam”, “heat”). not all of us dress like its easter every day

  • MikeyDrums86

    ^^^ orlando prolly not since he in MIA.. spacejam well we all know y that aint happenin!! and heat we already seen.. but im sure there’s still at least 10 more colorways to come not to mention the lows that we’ll most likely see sometime soon…

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    interesting… I’ll pass tho>>>

  • Guess Who?

    Good name bland colors