Nike LeBron 8 “Pre-Heat” – Closer Look

October 8, 2010 | 21

It seems like each day the images of the Nike LeBron 8 “Pre-Heat” gets better and better. With that being said, here’s new images which gives you a closer look at the Pre-Heat LeBron 8. By now, you know the deal about this LeBron 8 colorway. However, we’re still waiting for concrete release info, so stay tuned for more updates. Hit the jump to see another image of the Pre-Heat LeBron 8.

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  1. sneak-vandal

    HWC colorway in the rear view!?? looks aiiight

  2. J-Sole

    HEAT FOR THE FEET!!!All Three Pairs

  3. KIDZiLLa

    These are cool remind me of th asg 7…….. And a pain it will be to find sumthin 2 maTch with it ////

  4. I really like these. Im not a fan of the lebron 8 but they are starting to grow on me. I think this is the best colorway so far.

  5. Yo G-Roc… this is the second or third time lately I’ve awoke to new news after the daily 6′er and after I went to bed (usually around 11 PM). Are you becoming an insomniac!?!?
    Hmmm… it was a pic just like this that blew the whistle on the DKNMN VII… looks like no sneak-peek yet but those HWC are pretty nice. Oh, this Miami CW will be regrettable in 10 years and only desired due to scarcity! Oooooohgly colors!!!

  6. DonRos

    MAN….I had some love for the 8 until I saw this POS. Looks like an obnoxious moon boot.


  8. I want these….anyone got hook ups in MIA?


    These are clean but those HWC are fire!!!

  10. These are fire and so are the Blue/Orange too!

  11. I bet they’re going nuts over these in China & Japan.

  12. omg wow. What are those knicks birthday colorway oooooooooooh weeeee sooooo crack. Wow they just get better and better everyday. 4drumz you will come around moo ha ha.

  13. Timmy

    OH-MY-F-GEE!!!! The Knicks/Birthday colorway!!! I like the VIII’s more than the VII’s already!

  14. whoa timmy whoa that’s like saying yo mama. Them ishez are straight crack tho.


    they hard mia tubbs

  16. John B

    mine mine and all mine!! those HWC will be cool, after football season of course, i cant be seen in those colors til after January. @Alexthagr8, i need a hook up too, but they are sposed to hit on November 12th or so i read somewhere. @bright, when you gonna get urs fam?

  17. JohnBoyNice

    LeBrons only look good on people with smaller feet..

  18. JB


  19. @john b my connect said maybe but was hinting toward a yes so we’ll see if so I will be getting multiple pairs

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