Nike LeBron 9 Elite: South Beach or McFly?

A few days ago photos of what’s being called the South Beach Nike LeBron 9 Elite leaked. As soon as the photos starting making their way around the web, people started calling them the LeBron 9 Elite “South Beach”. It’s unclear at this time if that was the official inspiration, but the name has already been attached to this colorway. However, here at TSG we are always down for a good ol’ debate. While many are saying “South Beach”, “South Beach”, we also heard a few people say that McFly seems more appropriate for this colorway.

Above, you can see the side-by-side photo of the South Beach LeBron 8 and LeBron 9 Elite. The lace options for the LeBron 9 Elite lean towards the South Beach side, but what do YOU think? South Beach or McFly? Lift every voice and sing in the comment section. When these hit stores on June 2, the retail price will be $250.

Also, besides the name, what’s your thoughts on this colorway of the LeBron 9 Elite?

Source: SneakerheadGermany/Mayor/SC

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  • Thoughts?

  • aSh

    Now that I’ve seen em side by side I’d say it’s a mix of both… Still an ill color way… Doesn’t have the same blue that the mags/mcFlys do… And there is no splatter effects either…. If I can grab em I will… Highly doubt it and I’m not goin outta my way either…

  • the south beach name has already been taken by the 8s. and these dont look much like south beaches. i wouldnt want them to be named that. i like the mcfly name for this colorway. maybe then it would keep the hypebeast away if they dont think they’re south beaches.

  • jq_ballgame

    No offense, but when did it become cool to dress gay? I just can’t see myself stepping out of the house in these…or any of the “south beach” shoes.

  • rose’ swing

    idc what the inspiration behind it is (nicknames is only for the hype) i just want to see a pic with the pink strings in.

  • jq_ballgame

    And my statement is driven by the knowledge (fact) that these people will go insane for these shoes. 10 years ago you would’ve got ridiculed for walking around in these….today, you have to stand in line for weeks just to sniff them.

  • south beach, mcFlys, whatever, there a no go. besides, elite or not, lebron 9 is is done to death. bring on 10

  • They should be called “LeBron Fly Beach”

  • Executive

    Still milking a dead cow?

  • Executive

    And let me guess these will be limited? Lmao! I like the black colorway and the white one too but $250 they can kiss it, imagine the day when a GR is $250.

  • atgbryan

    these are a pass and $250…go eat a D Nike

  • Bppdizzle

    8 > 9 … and this colorway is trash IMO

  • Scolia5044

    I will have these too icey too pass up

  • Airjedi

    FOR 250.00 any of the 2 names work for me…Hype beach or mchype…

  • The NewJent

    Honestly im a sucker for grey. These are nicely done aside from that carbon fiber just laying there. They rubbing me the right way (pause) but I didnt rock the SB 8 with the pink shoe strings and would rock these with them. Just me. Still not feeling the $250 sucker punch.

  • The NewJent

    ^^^ …wouldnt* rock these with them…

  • sneakergameinsane


  • I’m gonna buy me some skinny nut hugging jeans…and undersized hoodie from baby gap and do a lace swap on these for some pink ones. Then I’ll be your typical Hypebeast moron! YAAAAAAYYYY!!!

  • Almighty

    i’d buy these if Lebron stops giving up in the 4th

  • John B.

    I like them and will try to purchase…I’m very decided on the c/w…just not on the 250 price tag…we will see come June 2nd

  • sneakercritique

    No go for me

  • Drizzy

    La yur honestly the biggest fuckin hater How u gonna judge another man becuz of what he wears? I thought bitches do that but ok

    On top of that in pretty sure my skinnies don’t hung my fuckin nuts if they did I wunt wear dem

    Nobody wants to wear XXL hoodies and shirts from big and tall my nigga
    U mad as fuck cuz of what other dudes wear get a hobby my nigga

  • Drizzy

    These shits bouta be so hyped The 250 tag only increases the Hype it just makes ppl want them even more becuz they think less ppl are gonna rock them
    These are a instant sell out

  • Jeron

    I like how Nike act’s like they found a way to upgrade the LBJ 9’s in the past 6 months or so. This is premeditated BS from Nike to rape the pockets of customers. I don’t care what Nike did to make these elite it still doesn’t warrant a $75.00 increase. Why not just use the same materials on the first version. The sneaker game was a lot better back in the day’s without all these stupid versions of the same shoe. The only thing that was different was the colors back in the day’s besides being lows, mids, or high tops. I don’t cop LB’s shoes cause it’s all a gimmick. Air Jordan’s are starting to follow the same path and it’s just pathetic.

  • Jordan

    I hope these aren’t a limited release cause I know so many people are just going to hype these up sooo bad. In hoping I can cop a pair of these as a self high school graduation present. I don’t like dropping $250 on a shoe but the grey with just enough of each color I think looks nice and clean. I wish the swoosh wasn’t cut off on the tail end though.

  • @lil e

    I mean honestly if you look at the MAGS you’ll be looking right at these ..

  • dotsupreme

    yea hype will kill these already strong and will only cop if at my local spots and if i have the extra money to blow other than that could care less if i have.

  • I love you Drizzy.

  • But how you gonna judge a man for judging a man on what he wears?

  • Chauncey

    @jq_ballgame, how are these shoes in any way gay?
    I don’t see a 4 inch stiletto heel, a rainbow flag nor a tag that says, “If you wear these. you’re gay.”
    The only reason you’d believe these to be a homosexual shoe is because you’re not secure enough within your sexuality to display those colors in your wardrobe.
    I’m not usually a fan of the South Beach color-fad myself, but the 9 Elites go hard.

  • KennethTJones

    I’m fuckin with this Elite 9 lebron movement… It don’t matter what people say you should want to wear what you want. Glad they 250 tho keep alot of you lil niggleys away from em lol

  • Executive

    Pink is just a color. It doesn’t make you “gay”. I wear pink Ralph Lauren shirts from time to time and look great in them. People need to be more comfortable in there skin and stop worrying about what people think.

  • Fly Beach it is….

  • It’s sad what the sneaker game is coming down too.
    I guess from now every nike pair with Grey or Pink Flash will be label as Southbeach/Mcfly… It’s really a joke nowdays…Why can’t they just give its own name? I bet Nike will probably label it differently but as for now all the bloggers will put this joke up…

  • Geo

    id get em

  • Mater

    NICE! (fab voice)

  • follow me @JetsDOIT__GO

    Why 250 Nike………why!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Price Terrance The Third

    they look real nice on feet but not paying 250

  • Marcus

    Cumon yall know…south beach colors???…you can dead that general release..these will be ust like the fuckn galaxies…hype beast heaven

  • va

    dont care what they call em but lemme get em!

  • dotsupreme

    my comments need to stop being moderated on the real never say anything overly ignorant and keep the swearing outta here bein an og member but then you got this boi drizzy running his mouth and see his comments with swearing and all… maybe just a mishap but still

  • Cut Up

    Cool to ball in. Is the “South Beach” hype supposed to pursuade me to pay $250, nah! I’m cool

  • Drizzy

    @Dotsupreme cuz I make points in my arguments and it’s not like im calling someone a swear
    Besides I’m pretty sure everybody in their daily lives (unless yur in a rich proper white family or wiredly disciplined family which i doubt becuz they wear loafers) hears swearing

    “Swears” are just words, nobody even knows why they mean what they mean, they were just used one day
    Freedom of speech
    Ugly is a bad word but it’s not a swear, Retarded is a bad word but it’s not a swear
    I bet more ppl have committed suicide off being called ugly and retarded (specially challenged ppl or deformed ppl) Than being called any swear word known to man

    Swears are angry words that’s about it
    But calling a girl a “bitch” is just something nobody shud do

    -Above The Hype

  • kevin

    Will these drop in kids sizes and if so how much?

  • Irv

    These are tuff! but $250??….DAMN!

  • duke

    @The NewJent its sumthing about it that attracts me.

  • Remy Rebel

    I think these look sick and they will be one of those shoes that look better in person then they do in pictures. I am already smitten by the pics of them though. IMO they look better then the 8’s but thats neither here nor their…… the end of the day these will be about as obtainable as the Galaxy foams most people wish they could get these for $250 but they better be well connected to even have a shot or camp

  • nike_lover

    Everyone talking about the price but honestly are you going to give two f***s when drop? Nope. Most people will just overlook and cop them. Ima try to get my hands on a pair. It doesn’t make a guy gay for wearing these. If you don’t think pink is a guy color it’s your opinion. *shrugs

  • WEloveNIKE

    Please just tell me these are coming in kid sizes.

  • jazari

    i got some south beachies i think they are cool swag