Nike LeBron 9 Low – Summer 2012 Preview

Regardless of the NBA lockout, the Nike LeBron 9 is still getting crazy exposure. Everyone’s attention is focused on the LeBron 9 college colors, Miami Nights, and we can’t forget the LeBron 9 iD. However, the Nike LeBron 9 Low will make its debut come next year. Today TSG provides a preview of four LeBron 9 Low colorways that will release Summer 2012. The LeBron 9 Low will retail for $150.

Look for these colors to launch in April, May, and June 2012.

Official colors:
Obsidian/Cyber-White-Blue Grey
Dark Grey/Mint Candy-CL Grey-New Green
Red/Wolf Grey-Challng Red-Total Orange
Turquoise/Court Purple-White

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  • Enjoy!

  • John B.

    lows >>> mids all day


    Co-Sign with John B!!!

    My Buckeye blood is kind of feeling the red/grey though the obsidian are more my everyday style! Hoping for a good ol’ black/white CW like leaked a month or so back!

  • I agree with John B. The lows looks real nice, i like them better than the mids too. Not by much though.

  • SPINS6136

    These murder the mids.

    Still wouldn’t buy them though.

    Any chance on God’s green Earth was lost by the $150 priceline.

  • On another note…pic of Ye on rocking (what most likely is) the all black Yeezy 2

  • aSh

    8s lows > 9 lows buuuuuut…..
    9 lows > 9 mids…highs… whateverthefu@& u wana call them ugly a$$ kicks….

  • lakers33

    I really don’t see the appeal, they look just like the BB lows mine as well save 50 bucks and get those instead. doesn’t matter what CW or what cut to me the 9 is just a terribly designed shoe

  • chris-rewynd

    now i can get busy with these!

  • Matt

    ooohhh these are meeaannnn definitely scoopin the dark grey ones!

  • M-17

    better than the high top version, that’s for sure.

  • CameronCrazie2

    Full length air = WIN

  • Feeling thw blue jawns a lot. I like these wayyyyy better than the hightops by the way