Nike LeBron 10 “Carbon”

The Nike LeBron X hasn’t even debuted yet and we have already seen a handful of colorways so far. Adding to the list of the colorways is this black/white combination. It has been said to be inspired by the LeBron X Diamond Collection, so hence the “Carbon” nickname. Since a diamond is made of pure carbon, it only makes sense to utilize this soot black colorway. The medial side of the shoe also has diamond shape patterns along with what looks the symbol of carbon from periodic table.

Stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates of the Nike LeBron X “Carbon”. Will this colorway be overlooked when released, or will it be a diamond in the rough?

Let us know what you think of this colorway in the comment section below.

Images: MS

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  • mask

    i try to get every all black leBron but these seem so shiny. it almost kills it for me. just do a basic matte black even the nike sign.

  • Executive aka fukk a sneaker head

    Looks like a basic black shoe worth about $100.

  • Executive aka fukk a sneaker head

    I don’t see $180?!

  • aSh

    This model needs color… So far only the mango’s have REALLY grabbed my attention… I like the burgundy/fireberry’s but not enough to spend $270.00 + taxes….
    On that note I think Nike needs to reevaluate that price… $200-$220 is doable for me…. $300 (with taxes) is just an insane amount to spend on something I don’t plan on utilizing to its fullest potential… I feel like Nike bit off more than they can chew with that price… I’m already seeing Elites for sale @ $100 off MSRP… think these Nike+ will meet the same fate….

  • AlSneaks

    if these aren’t “limited” they’ll hit outlets just like pretty much every other GR lebron.

  • OfficialKickz

    ^^^^^Yup I’ll buy with a $100 markdown all day!

  • atgbryan

    ive got 5 on it

  • Matlock

    These just look, blah! They dont look like someting I would wear to go out, like the previous Lebrons. They straight up look like an athletic shoe, that belongs only on the court. still have not seen a Lebron X, that has truly peaked my interest, and also the price for Lebrons has gotten out of hand. $200, $220 pushing it. Just saying!

  • Towelie

    The Nike LeBron X hasn’t even debuted yet and we have already seen a handful of colorways so far.

    It’s MArquesole’s fault!!!!

  • Johnny S

    I like these, sometimes it’s nice to have a neutral color show when you don’t wanna wear crazy ass colors!