Nike Little Posite Pro “Spider-Man”

nike-lil-posite-pro-gsFoamposites made for kids.

Can Nike make Foams popular again starting with the kids? They certainly seem to think so because Nike will release another Foamposite made for kids. Here’s a look at the Nike Little Posite Pro “Spider-Man” colorway.

Besides the faux carbon fiber shank plate, it almost looks like the adult version. Although this Foamposite is made for little footers, there’s nothing small about the retail price – it’s $180!. The Nike Little Posite Pro “Spider-Man” has a release date on February 8, 2014 and will be available at select retailers like Oneness.

Nike-Kid-Foams nike-lil-posite-pro-gs-kids

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  • JayOldPeach.i7

    GS silhouette is winning. The whole thing makes more sense in this context…

  • Ray.

    $180?!? Oh they can suck a d!ck for that! How kid’s sneakers gon be the same price as men’s?

    The only good thing would be that foamposites are indestructible. But I’m sure Nike will cut down on the quality a bit..

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Lmfao $180.

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    I was all for foams for kids but my son is 5 and ain’t no way in hell I’m spending $200 on a shoe for him cause he’s only 5, that is rediculous and he will destroy them cause he actually runs around and plays, unlike a bunch of grown men who buy kicks just to pose in them for likes.

  • SG

    Fail. They’ll go on sale anyway I don’t think parents are gonna pay that much

  • 4DRUMZ

    Oh sweet… I’m gonna snag those for my… wait… what… WHAT!?!? psssshhhh… nahhhhh

  • knottyhotty

    my kids gon look fresh not giving 2 fux bout the price tag

  • omar najeeb

    Pure bull$#!+. Another thing for resellers to gun for to flip. No matter to me since I don’t look for kids’ sizes. But still tho…

  • JayOldPeach.i7

    These are not actually for kids… where yall been?

  • CenValCali

    price is absurd….no can do, no way Jose! Yeah it’s tax season and IDGAF, ain’t gonna happen.

  • Skye

    I mus admit this colorway looks much better on a gs sized shoe, but that price is ridiculous for a kids shoe.

  • aniyah booker

    mustttt coppp

  • aniyah booker

    fuck da price

  • Sek

    I could see little hood kids in the bx with they drug dealing pops copping for em or moms on the welfare checking coppin. Oh can’t forget the hood rats if these come in a size 4-5 yth

  • Jess Gorman

    Ordered my pair 🙂

  • Emensive

    the price is ridiculous …. ohh yeah and they look terrible too ever seen a pair of replica foamposites ? well they look a lot like the GS foams

    its a kid colorway but its just corny in my opinion

  • Luis

    If foamposites we’re for all sizes I would get them for my kid everytime a pair comes out!!!! Don’t care bout the price.

  • Shy

    This is sad that most people buy these sneakers for these small ass children who is going to fuck them up in a day or so and in a weeks time a new pair will come out. Not to mention SOME not all of these kids parents do not even have a fucking bank account savings account, college fund, or life insurance policy. Paying 2.00 a month in rent and getting like 800.00 a month or whatever in stamps. Not mad but be smart. Yes the sneakers r hot but kids r wearing less shoes these days.

  • These are some of the worst foams ever made.

    Others include

    all whites
    sport royals
    thermal maps

  • Angel

    This time of year u should makes all sizes exclusive…. Toddlers, Preschool, and big kids