Nike Lunar Tim Tebow – First Look

January 8, 2013 | 15

Although it wasn’t a great year for Tim Tebow and the New York Jets, hopefully a new start with another team and his first signature sneaker with Nike might help give him a new start. The Nike Lunar Tim Tebow is a mix of a football/turf training sneaker.

There will be no type of midfoot strap for this trainer, but the midsole is equipped with a Lunalon tooling. Three colorways for the Nike Lunar Tim Tebow is expected to release this summer.

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Comments (15)

  1. shoe guy

    oh god… more ugly shoes in 1000000 million different colors… here we go again

  2. Sole Seriouz

    I think it would’ve look better with a midfoot strap instead of an ankle strap.

  3. KP

    These suck like Tim Tebow…

  4. allen

    blue and orange for me …go gators!! tebow sucks??? cant suck without playing time…. did you forget denver.. or two national titles and a hiesman… oh wait couple maxwell trophies too….. best college football player in history…. smh

  5. youdingdong

    keyword: college
    he blows in the pros.

  6. LG

    why does he have his own shoe? Russell Wilson should have one before Tebow.

  7. bdogg

    is nike serious?? ill see these at outlets and no thanks..jay kidd and pass!

  8. mask

    why DOES tebow have a shoe? I think they are nice but why Tebow now? He aint did nothin this past year. Maybe when he was in denver or college but this is bad timing.

  9. aSh

    Not a very attractive shoe… but then again these pics suck… no I’m kidding the shoe is horrible…

  10. i_luv_kickz

    A signature for a backup QB? Really Nike? There are 1,000 pro athletes that would deserve one more than him. Sorry.

  11. omar najeeb

    Yeah tebow did that-there in college. When he won the heisman, he shouldv won it. True! But as a self- respecting FSU noles fan, I’m gonna say he sucks (all in good gamesmenship. Lol). Go noles!!!!

  12. omar najeeb

    PS. Haha! When I saw all those comments for this release, I knu no one was gonna reaally comment bout the shoe!!

  13. i_luv_kickz

    @allen Can’t suck without playing time? Really? He doesn’t play BECAUSE he sucks….Logic

  14. whats up with nike and these jets players i have nothing against tebow but cmon now

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