Nike Mid-Autumn Festival Sneaker Pack

Nike is doing what their best known for, and that’s making sneaker packs. This time Nike takes inspiration from Chinese culture by creating the Mid-Autumn aka Moon Festival sneaker pack. The event usually kicks off in mid September, and September 14th is the date this year. An Air Max 1, Blazer High, and a Terminator Hi makes up the pack. Each sneaker features metallic gold detailing and a rabbit image on the side. Stay tuned for more info. via Hypebeast

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  • zewaemoc

    the blazers would’ve been better if the toecap was suede imo.

  • Wow the blazers and terminators r soo sexy. Someone shuld jus put my in cryo sleep til the 14th lol.

  • xxcoreyxx

    1st air max 1
    2nd blazers
    3rd terminators


  • Fresh1

    Those blazers and air max’s go so Hard!

  • The Blazers are extra crispy but I heard they only come out in china.

  • jazz

    dem blazers is crazy imma most definately have to hit up my dude in china wow

  • XkrispyELI

    the Terminator Hi are not my cup of tea, but the air max are dope.

  • sneakerfreaker06

    Man this is getting real old fast!!!!! Nike shows you these pics of hot kicks then you read that there an Asia release only!!! Its annoying as hell and makes you wonder what is Nike thinking????????

  • nellynumberthree

    I need a Chinese girlfriend who could cop me some Asia exclusive releases. Maybe I can find one on myspace.

  • CenValCali

    I’ll take door #2 & make that 2 prs.

  • I’ll cop the Terminators X2 for sure…..


    Those Air Max 1’s are dope and I feel you nellynumberthree & sneakerfreaker06

  • sneakerfreaker06

    Yo Nelly I dont think Jessica is gingto be to happy about this. Lol!

  • c brown

    yo Freaker I’m usually with you but damn Asia has to get love too right…I mean come on…how many sneakers never make it outside of the US…don’t even get me started on HOH…damn alot of heat doesn’t even make it outside of NYC….

  • I read these will be a China-Only release……I’m still getting those Terminators somehow someway….

  • kix-files has all 3 of these joints for pre-order at NICE prices…..break out the VISA card like I just did and get your shiny-ass-Terminator-swag on!!!!

  • Terminators in this pack are my fave of the three

  • MDvillian

    i cant rock with gold shoes of any kind lol

  • I’ll take everything but the terms.

  • AM1 is the best hands down of course!