Nike Officially Recalls Kyrie 2 All-Star from Retailers

Nike Officially Recalls Kyrie 2 All-Star from Retailers

Welp! If you were wondering why Kyrie Irving’s sneakers were missing from the Nike Basketball All-Star 2016 collection, we finally have an answer.

Nike officially recalls Kyrie 2 All-Star from retailers. Consider this colorway scrapped!

Per a retail source, Nike sent a mass email asking retailers not to put the Nike Kyrie 2 All-Star out for sale. Instead, the shoes are to be shipped back to Nike immediately.

Nike doesn’t give the exact reason for the recall, but we’re betting on the fact that Kyrie Irving was not selected as an NBA All-Star this year.

Future plans for the Kyrie 2 All-Star have not been revealed as of yet. If these sneakers end up in the Nike Outlets, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Be sure to check the Nike Outlet Alert soon.

Nike Officially Recalls Kyrie 2 All-Star from Retailers

nike kyrie 2 all-star

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  • Executive Trapfrican American

    Highly sought after now!

  • Richard Allison

    Nike knew what they was doing

  • Executive Trapfrican American

    Hell yeah. Building hype for no damn reason.

  • I got a pair I’m selling. DS Never Touched Earth size 8.5 for $4.5K, if you’re TSG Fam I’ll give you a deal for $4.1K lmk!

  • Executive Trapfrican American

    Lmao! Free shipping or nah?

  • alexander O’neal

    Daaaayyumuh!! Was keeping a look-out for it too. And of course, this news comes equipped with the best pic of this shoe to date.

  • alexander O’neal

    Mmmm hmmmm. U know it.

  • alexander O’neal

    ???Lmao. That headline pic is priceless..

  • javi


  • Creep

    Not being an all-star does make it a harder shoe to sell. Someone would have called them out on that.

  • Shipping is $25, you pay for double box too

  • Executive Trapfrican American

    The hell? That price you better hop on a plane and hand deliver them!

  • C Brown

    Tough to sell an all star kick when he didnt make the all star team….