Nike Outlet Alert – 12.20.13

nike outlet alert deals

The last one of the year.

I honestly had hopes of the Red October Yeezy 2 randomly arriving at Nike Outlets, but Foot Locker just crushed my dreams of that happening. Oh well! Long live the outlets, though. Maybe you won’t find Red Octobers, but the beautiful thing about outlets is you never know what you might come across. That said, we’re back with a new Nike Outlet Alert to highlight a few shoes you might be interested in. Even if you’re not interested in the shoes in this alert, hopefully it motivates you to swing by your local outlet to see what they have in stock. That’s our goal! But if you’re an outlet pro, you won’t have any problems finding the shoes highlighted in this alert. As always, happy hunting!

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  • QBlow

    Thanks TSG. Going to swing by my outlets today. You can’t beat some of those Free Run 2 prices.

  • Jay

    Damn! Nike is giving away those Huaraches. Not bad and hopefully they are taking an additional 20% off too. I’m going to grab those Free’s for my wife.

  • the revolutions are classic. to think those were going to be the air jordan 3. coppin’ those & the white/red ones if i see them at the outlet like i did back in 03.

  • Raz

    My Nike Outlet in Castle Rock, CO, had the AJ XX8 “Bred” colorway for $129.00 I think. They also had the other colorway to the KDV Elite.

  • MikeyDrums86

    couple koo shoes to ball in, free runs at a nice price, pretty good finds IMO

  • Sam

    I just copped me 4 pairs of fighter jet foamposites for $140 at The Nike Outlet. Thank You Jesus!!! I have one pair for sale size 12 hit me up if interested.

  • Jorge Felix

    I stop into the outlet at least once a week. U never know what u might just find. I have good luck comming across some great shoes at a great deal..

  • omar najeeb

    Oh really. Cop to flip, huh. Nice.

  • omar najeeb

    Daaayyum!! Lol. See, that’s part the problem I have with GR’s. When they drop, if I like ’em, I cop ’em…for original retail. Then this happens. Lol. I grabbed both, the Blk DT’s & the revolutions when they dropped. Dig the shoes..had to do it. Patience from now on..I swear it.

  • Niiiiiiiice
    Good Looking Out tsg’s

  • I got the kd hulks