Nike Outlet Alert: 7.26.13

nike outlet alert

Find out what’s available at a Nike Outlet near you…

What’s currently available at certain Nike Outlet stores? We thought you’d never ask. TSG took a trip to a Nike Outlet yesterday, and we have several updates for you. Be clear, we’re not saying these sneakers are available at all Nike Outlets. We still believe in sneaker hunting, therefore it’s up to you to do some research. Yes, the Internet has made a lot of people lazy, but there’s nothing wrong with making a few phone calls or taking a quick road trip. Do work! That said, here’s the updates, minus the locations and numbers. Happy Hunting… and you’re welcome.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • some good stuff there, why retail so high tho nike!

  • Bruno G

    What outlet is this?

  • SBedge

    good post G-Rocky Balboa. I’m an outlet fiend, and have copped most of my collection from there.. Retro Jordans, Roshes, AF1, Air Maxes, etc… you name it I’ve copped it

  • @SBedge – You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, you can def find some gems at Nike Outlets. I picked up a pair of the Zoom Revis for $40 from a NY outlet. $48 shipped to my door. That ish made my month!

  • Brandan E.

    what up G-Roc!! i hope u remember me from a couple years ago!
    good looking for this post!! i didnt know nike outlets had it like this bro! i only been to one wayyyy back in 2000 in NJ.
    i hope i a can find one down here in texas close to were i stay!!
    thanks for this, and remember i been down with u since almost day 1!!

  • SBedge

    Well I won’t bore you with everything I’ve found but some of my most memorable finds have been Af1 duck boots for $39, Mars IV for $40, and 90 infrareds (HofF) for $50. I also love getting samples.

  • aSh

    Air Trainer SC High will be bought this weekend… that is all

  • OfficialKickz

    @G-Roc which color on the revis joints? You got the store #?

  • Justin

    Within the last couple of months I’ve got some Trainer Safari LE’s (red/black/gray) for $37, Zoom Soldiers (red/white/blue) for $50, and AJ 2012’s (black/white/royal) for $60.

    On certain weekends they have an additional 20-30% off all clearance shoes. Easily one of the best places to buy kicks. You just have to check in every month or so to see what’s new.

    Funny story…while I was at the Nike Outlet about 2 weeks ago, some kid (about 16-18) walked to the back and asked “do you have any grapes?”

  • omar najeeb

    I was just at my peice-of-$#!+ nike outlet in atlantic city. Lotta the same trash there that’s shown here. Ergo, that’s why they’re in outlets, right? Saw those AM1’s there but wasn’t needin em. The blk n silver pillars look good tho. I actually never saw those elsewhere.

  • omar najeeb

    @ Justin…Lol. funny story. Likely response: “not this day in time, my brutha!!”

  • MikeyDrums86

    @ G-Roc.. good ish man.. i live out here in Cali n always wonder what other outlets have on any given day/week.. i try to get to the outlets here about 2-3 times a month cause u just never know. best deal above prolly those am1’s got those out here to but i grabbed em for 49.99. best deal i ever got from the outlet tho was prolly the LBJ9 Freegums for 89.99!! cant beat that IMO

  • If those Way-Ups come down more they will be my new basketball sneakers. Obviously my best pick-up at the outlet was the Jordan banned ones. My biggest surprise was seeing the KD V N7 releasing at the Outler for retail but on the release date. I heard the outlet had Jordan white and red 5’s too but I can’t confirm or deny that.

  • These prices are ok. For a lot of the stuff here I’ve seen better prices in store.

  • Mr. Get It In!!!

    I love the outlets i got oreo 6’s for $100, white/varsity red 6’s $100, scottie pippen air more uptempo’s $90, i’ve seen pearl foams boxes on top of boxes, Cough drops, 11 low’s in that hornets colorway $35 and so much more!!!!

  • Mr. Get It In!!!

    Oh yeah the 1/22 countdown pack for $150 then it dropped down to $110 size 13

  • omar najeeb

    Oh yeah (^^^) f’got about the cough drops..Did see those. But that was well after I paid the 2bills retail. Oreo 6’s…wow, that’s a find. Mad I ddnt get those retail!

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    Outlets are the truth. I’ve found Barkleys, Pennys, Jordans, Pippens.. you name it. Also check your local Nordstrom Rack. They get heat too. Don’t sleep!!

  • ill will

    I picked up some olympic 7’s in Orlando for $110 and suede af1’s for $30 last August. Always checking the outlets monthly. Seen alot of what u posted too.

  • godivine

    cop the all suede red AM 1 PRM last week for $59 BOOM! Nothing listed here gets my attention other than the Bo jacks, 1

  • my work on erythang, those volt blue griffeys were 35 bucks at the deer park ny outlet like a month or so back, I just think they are ugly..the outlet also has the penny 2 in volt/black colorway

  • They ok