Nike Outlet Alert 7.9.15

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TSG Fam, this is the BEST Nike Outlet Alert of the year, hands down. It’s packed with great deals, Nikelab releases, Air Jordans, Trainers and more. As always we take our time to run down the outlets to show you the best deals and we encourage you to stalk your outlets as well. If you’re a Nike Outlet rookie and don’t know how to find which shoes are in which factory stores, read this help guide.

Click through to find out all the best deals in this week’s Nike Outlet Alert, then comment which deals were your favorite.

Nike Outlet Alert 7-9-15 (19)

Air Max 1 Lunar1

Style #: 654469 101
Original Price: $130
Sale Price: $99

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  • RunningHead

    Definitely gotta look through all the pages on this one

  • Restaurant Quality Lemonade

    There’s got to be a better way to slideshow these. Awful to get through on mobile.

  • joe

    they gotta get paid somehow

  • on the last outlet report, I stated we’re working on bringing back the new system, it had its faults. Either way, it’s currently easier than you driving to 10 different outlets yourself lol

  • omar najeeb

    You know it. Im just not doin it.

  • omar najeeb

    Where is the fault in being able to just swipe thru the slides vs. the current system thats really akin to going to the library & getting a magazine to read the outlet alert? All you gotta do keep it a buck and say what it is. Otherwise, this is maaadd annoying.

  • omar najeeb

    Phuck that outlet alert.

  • email is in bio if you’d like to speak to our web developer lol otherwise head to your own outlet. This isn’t something you can’t do.

  • Restaurant Quality Lemonade

    lol, all good. The best UI is always a tough nut to crack.

  • Ray.

    Yall settle down. You gon be online anyway. So either u wanna see the post or u don’t…

  • Ray.

    Got the monarch joints for you guys!!!

  • javi

    Stop complaining you hype. No one is telling you to click on the post. Oh I forgot your thirst is lol

  • Laced Heat

    how the hell are the haze, dunk sherpa sp and a few others even at the outlets.

  • PSA – You will start to notice that the outlets are selling release pairs for retail… I’ve seen this a few times now… Kobes… Foamies… Melo 1’s… And now we see the 7CP…

  • valdeaunia

    Just wanna share that in today’s Nike outlet in Singapore had the gold foams and am1 patches. What’s up with today lmao

  • Biga173rd

    Damn championship 7’s sitting at an outlet that’s crazy.

  • omar najeeb

    One guess:
    “i love herassing other dudes like some pedo in a tot-lot!!”
    Ok, who am i?