Nike RT1 High – Summer 2009 Release

Nike RT1

Due to the Air Yeezy hype, Nike created another silhouette that resembles the Air Yeezy. Once people heard they favored the Yeezy’s the buzz was building for images of Nike’s RT1 to leak. The tongue and heel is exactly the same as the Air Yeezy’s, so if you’re unable to cop the Yeezy’s in March you can always score a pair of the all black RT1 Hi’s in April.

Today we present you with a preview of the RT1 High April, May, and June releases. Black on Black RT1 Hi’s will kick things off in June. The neutral grey/green mist/cool grey RT1’s drop in May and the white/pure purple RT1 Hi lands in June. “I’d rather have the Yeezy’s“, that’s what most people will be screaming, but look on the bright side, the RT1 High will only cost you $95. At the end of the day, the RT1 High is going to be a great substitute for people that can’t get the Yeezy’s. Check out the RT1 High drops after the jump…

Nike RT1 High

Nike RT1 High

Nike RT1 High

Nike RT1

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  • Not bad for people that like the Air Yeezy. $95…not bad at all!

  • ***Q2***


  • D.C._SneakerFreaker

    $95…..thats it…………………..perfect

  • CenValCali

    ” I’d rather have the Yeezy’s ” – So damn true….

  • ^LOL

  • sole4sole

    i guess these are cool if i can’t get the yeezy’s

  • These are actually preety nice especially for $95 bucks. Thanks for the scoop g-roc and I love how you put my Government name in the e-mail LOL!

  • j-rod

    the Dunks of the air yeezy

  • Jay Bills

    sweet! i like the 2nd pair and 95 bucks you cant beat that.

  • khathadude

    the shoes are wack… I wouldn’t cop em…. even if they was 55 bucks -_-

  • Anon

    UBER wack

  • 23edge

    Come mid-summer I hope to see some creative cat transform the neutral gray RT1 Hi’s into some “McFly” looking version

  • L.

    can u say clearance?

  • sneakerfreak101

    idk theyd have to grow on me

  • Jamie

    I’d cop. And most likely will.

  • Msnike

    I Like Them 95 not bad, I like the middle 1’s i guess the colors did it 4 me! the other 1’s look Wac!

  • I dunno….getting the Yeezy’s over here’s gonna be is gonna be beyond difficult….these aren’t that bad but I’m still trying to get the Yeezy’s first and foremost.


    Yeezy’s look way better. Anyone know how much the yeezy’s are gonna cost yet?

  • these r super boo boo to me. and why do the drawing alwayssss look way better than the real deal? i really like the heal on the drawing but its not like that on the shoe

  • sneakerfreak987

    dont really see a comparison…. dont match the yeezy’s

  • miguel

    is this a creative reaction and supra hybrid !???

  • equizy

    deff look nice but i prefer a pair of yeezy hope i can cop

  • looks like a yeezy court force hybrid

  • ElSuaveChino

    Def need some all solid colorways, ex: all blacks ones would be nice

  • jliau

    well, seeing as the yeezys are going to be crazy exclusive and they fact that nothing ever really drops in portland, oregon, i may just have to go for these

  • D

    Damn these I’m getting the Yeezy’s by any means necessary.

  • BWill

    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…..these are the shoes i saw in the WDYWT thread on SoleCollector forums
    i really wanted to know what these were and i got the answer 10 hours later
    for sure im coppin both these (as everyday beaters) and the Yeezy’s for special occasions
    fcuk keepin them on are made to rock

  • JUST SEEN A PIC OF THE REAL SHOE, AND UH, YEAH, THEY’RE PRETTY NICE…..EVEN IF I GET THE YEEZY’S I’M GETTING A PAIR OR TWO OF THESE TOO…..check the popular sneaker blogs and you’ll find the pics.

  • igotthem

    rumor are around nike the air yeezy are only suppose to get release at nike sportwear stores,5 colors,50 pairs of each,hopefully this is not true i will keep everybody inform….


    after seeing these……’F’ tha yeezy’s i’ll gladly take the rt1’s…….cant wait till june!!




    ^igotthem^ I heard that same thing…honestly I’m not even gon waste my time trynin to get the air yeezy’s as bad as I do want them I kno for a fact they gon b the hardest she n the world to get…I’m jus gon sccop up some supra skytop II..and some supra tk society’s..I’m supra’d out this summer

  • R-Ez

    I gotta get the neutral grey pair, thier just simply fresh and have a price you just cant beat. They have a trainer 1 esk look on the side, love it. I’m gettin the Yeezy’s though, only cuz their gonna drop at near location. If they didn’t I would settle for all 3 of these.

  • ugly shoe, the price should be $65, because I don’t think it even has an air cushion in it. I would never buy these

  • Pammy

    Can I get this in a Woman’s 7.5? n_n

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  • AsH

    The second ones are fresh!!!! Still gonna trynget a grey pair of yeezys though!!!!

  • allo

    naw son these joints r kinda ugly the yeezys are way better

  • its onli a pair of shoes geez calm down !




    They look waaaay better in person…..
    And DONT HATE but i kinda like these better than the yeezy’s i have both and prefer the RT’s they just have hype because they are from kanye west