Nike SB Dunk High “Skunk” 4/20 Release

Wiz Khalifa told us he had a vision during his morning Kush & Orange Juice session that the Skunk SB Dunk was going to release on 4/20. It’s funny because we also got calls from Curren$y, Red Man, Method Man, Snoop Dogg, and even the real bongo boy, Matthew McConaughey called us and said the exact same thing.

It was odd that all of them called us with the same vision, but then it hit us, 4/20 is a very special holiday for their kind. Not only is it a special day for them, but it’s a very popular day in the skate community which explains why Nike SB set the release date of the Skunk Dunks for April 20th. Our main man Sci got his hands on a bag of Skunk early, and hit us with a few images. Feel free to peep the other photos after the jump, but TSG is NOT responsible for anyone that gets high off contact.

You can grab some “Skunk” at Nike SB dealers on April 20th. Now puff, puff, pass this info to the people you know that want Skunk Dunks.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Dude… you smoked this post! Could be one of the punniest posts ever! Every ounce of it was on-point! No nickel-and-dime’ing this one!

  • Hye Style Kid

    Lol they went all out and put it in a baggie tho either way i wont try to get them they arent appealing or addictive

  • @4DRUMZ – I’ve never smoked weed (not even once), but I’m a little high after that post. lol

  • E.

    lol i’m blazing a special L for when i get my feet in these. =D

  • Phly Guy

    Clever how they out em in a bag… These are alright overall I dig the concept

  • lilbusta2318

    I got fiiiiiive on it

  • Phly Guy

    Clever how they got em a bag!!! Overall, they aite I just like the concept

  • Phly Guy

    Shit posted twice!! My bad G-Roc lol

  • Royal Swagness

    Man after reading this, I feel like kid cudi in the day ‘n’ night video. I need to go to the bathroom and wash my eyes.

  • 23edge


  • No, I’ve gotta be a little serious. These remind me way more of Oscar the Grouch than anything else. They totally bit that zipper pouch idea off of Roos anyway!

  • Great post! Thanks homie!

    I can smell em through the bag.

    Sidenote: They even used the stash pocket in the tongue like Supra does.

  • These are really hot to me but I just cant see myself wearing them. Plus I think nike sb is appealin to the wrong crowd and tryin too hard for a hot concept while encouraging kids to get high. They should stick to helpin skate kids kick flip and ollie and all that n leave this alone.

  • And ^^G-roc^^ im wit u man. Neva smoked a day in my life! Im high on life!

  • bullcitysnowman


  • @bronxsneakerhead – Yes sir!

  • G-Roc, I don’t fault you….your folks raised you properly.
    I’m glad I haven’t relapse for numerous of years & don’t plan to. Mayne, I thought this 4/20 Tuesday release wuz a joke but I guess Nike & sk8 shops are stickin to the script.

  • lilbusta2318

    4DRUMZ, you ever see the Oscar the Grouch Nike SB Classics?

  • all over this

  • Like I said before. I don’t smoke but I can’t wait to get my hands on these. They’re beautiful!

  • Marijuana is a natural plant that grows from the earth. Please lets not act like its a big deal for people to smoke it. Its the same thing as having a glass of wine at the end of the day to relax. I live in Cali and its going to be legal for people over the age of 21 by the end of the year. Should have been legal a long time ago. Government will wont let you smoke week but they’ll let you smoke a cigarette??!!

    As far as the kicks there ugly as hell but worth getting for sneaker collectors. They did really caputure the essecene of the Purple Kush though. My favorite!


    I want them but for retail. Lol. Cause I may never rock them that many times a year.

  • ok… whose gonna have these? quickstrike or all skater shops gonna get em?

  • Stoat Face Lanust

    Why the 20th April…. Am I missing something?
    Got mine today

  • 4/20 is national weed day…

  • @J.Wills “I live in Cali and its going to be legal for people over the age of 21 by the end of the year.”
    Boy, you’re str8 trippin. Even wit a Cannabis Card, the cops won’t give you a leeway cuz they know hella ppl be coppin them cards on the down low.

  • Jay master Dan

    dissss is the stickiest of the icky!!!!!!

    defenitely copped, and smoked 😉

  • John B

    ^^i want one of those cannabis cards myself. i smoke on the daily and have for years now. cant get enough. as for the shoes tho, i love them! i will be gettin these on tuesday. unfortunately i wont be able to celbrate the holiday with them on cause im sure nobody in nashville will carry these 🙁

  • voterobformayor


    roos had a small zipper pocket on the side panel of the shoe, the tounge stash pocket was made most popular by IPATH the skate company

  • Goat612

    damn these go hard.

  • Hye Style Kid

    Weedhead edition kicks so i pass em up

  • weezy23

    Mmmm I gotta kinda agree with bronxsneakerhead on this I don’t see what nike benifits by supporting this day no matter how u look at it its still illegal. Now I ussually don’t care but just sayn coulda satyed away from the date and released these some other time and the shoe is ok but ill pass






  • lol you know you get in more trouble for smoking a cigarette in public in cali then kush right? dude isnt talking cannibus cards.. the whole state will go legal like going to buy a beer.. watch cnn or something and get you education on.. retail is 109.. these are a qs and 420 was a code some hippies in cali use to use for the time to go smoke.. so that’s how it became what it is.. much rather smoke one then kill my liver or my lungs… cause cannibus does not cause cancer just fyi..

  • joeslow

    Nike won’t stop with the gimmicks.

  • trulyfresh23

    @ John B..what’s good homie..City Gear wont be getting these but they will have the AJ11 SA’ the store homie

  • Sneakers O’Toole

    like the skunk not the dunk

  • Retrmaine

    well damn….break it down & roll it up then !

  • madne$$

    dammmmmmmmmnnnnn man i hope i can get these. SMOKE BLUNTSSSSS.

  • lol puff puff pass….smh u a fool G

  • @mr.madison, f.y.i. I watch the news faithfully homie. It have always been an uphill battle wit legalizin marijuana in the state of California. & if that bill passes in November, it’s only givin folks that are 21 & over, the freedom to plant/cultivate up to an ounce of kush. Then again, that’s only “if” it pass.
    ’bout the Cannabis Card, I wuz just throwin it out there cuz I know folks that possess em & still get the 3rd degree from the pigs.

  • 23rakim45

    No way, these actually come in a clippie?!

  • I don’t even have to say anything.. Errybody that needs to know, already knows…

  • Solefix

    Yes i get high N im from NY no lie! @CVC i be keepin up with that news like i live out there n shyt lol…when i get these i’ll open em up n be like “mmmmm these shyts stink” in a good way lol! gotta have these

  • I don’t even have to say anything… Errybody that needs to know, already knows… Can’t wait to see them in person.

  • Eric

    Its funny, when I started smoking weed was when I fell in LOVE with shoes. Kinda ironic, I like these but probably wont cop.

  • Eric

    O by the way, I with J.Willis, I think its stupid when people HATE on weed smokers, mind your own damn bizness.

  • i’ll be picking these up from my local shop and for the record i love the sticky icky, its is delicious! but it does make you lazy as hell

  • Rob N Steal

    on the fence will cop if easy enough to get

  • Rob-N -Steal

    o yah and yo g roc get at me to blaze you first L

  • These skunks looks like it a has alo of KUSH-sion LOL!

  • but that what i said.. you get the same freedom as buying a beer … and uphill all you want to call it.. its tax revenue.. the BILLIONS that will be generated with supersede anything else.. cali will pass it. and i have plenty of people in the bay and la and they have nothing but good things to say about their card.. just gotta know how to be an adult about it.. hence 21+

  • Shawty Black

    Got get a pair of these. These are crack, or should I say dope. I mean, they’re on fire. I mean…well, you know what I mean… Anyway, nice post too. I was trying to see how many puns you could express in 300 words or less. I got you down for 5. Does the baggie come with the kicks? If so, that’s even better. I mini-scale would’ve been hot too. Oh, yeah, you forgot Woody Harrelson in your list of Skunk-fans.

  • blakeolake

    i dont smoke but these are so AWSOME!!!

  • skoo


  • 2SiCk

    on 4/20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would light these on fire just to see if they do smell like weed.

  • Tanner P.

    Gettin’ my bag of that gooooooooooood ish tomorrow…anyone need a pair hit me up…fair prices, no skimpin’ on bags here…



  • J_walkin_J


  • @Converse King

    Thanks for making my High even better 😀

  • theshoehunter

    I have 2 cop these its my CULTURE and on 4/20 even more !! I wont b able 2 live with my self if I pass these up…….WHERE in Miami R these comin out !??!

  • livesforweed

    i love the way these look (: i must get a pair

  • gotconcords?-ISS

    what the retail price ?

  • chi-sole

    this shoe is not that big of a deal

  • I’ll be in sneakerland AKA Harajuku tomorrow a.m., and I’m gonna guess that at least one shop will somehow already have these…..Japan’s drug laws are STEEEEEEEEEEP…..smoke if you want to over here, but with a +99.9% conviction rate for foreigners convicted of almost any crime, you will be eating fishheads for the better part of 25yrs around these parts…..I smokes NADA…..

  • Jerronimo

    I like the concept but I would not wear these.

  • Boss

    The Source Boardshop in houston got em in last Monday.

  • Jasmine

    I have these shoes i just got them today and i must say it is a beautiful shoe. i cant stop lookin at them… man

  • skunks go hardd as hell . all of you who are against weed && smoking ask me if icare ? these shoes have a purpose my dudee && you will catch me with them on at least once every two months . throw some herbal essence on these bxtches because they are up in smoke . <3

  • i never smoked so everyone gives me wedgies and swirlies -_- they said im not cool then pushed me in a locker…