Nike SB Dunk Mid “Realtree Camo” Update

Older SB heads will agree that Nike SB releases are not as good as they used to be, but it seems like every now and then Nike SB drops a shoe that gets everyone’s attention. The latest Nike SB Dunk that has people talking is the Realtree Camo Dunk Mid Premium. Images of the Realtree Camo Dunk Mid surfaced last month, and at the time we could only assume the Dunks would release soon.

Well, soon is now here. The Realtree Camo Dunk Mids released this month as a quickstrike drop. The shoes just landed at Premier, so be sure to check with your local Nike SB dealers for availability and additional info.

Sidebar: Even though Reese Forbes is no longer with Nike SB, long live the Hunter SB Dunk that released in 2004.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Shawty Black


  • ricardo

    the ultimate redneck shoe

  • I seriously may have to buy these for my neighbor. He’s a huge deer hunter, and would probably love em.

  • Shawty Black

    Speaking of SB, G-roc did you see the P-Rod4 promo video on the Nike SB website. NAS does the overdub presentation. Its pretty dope.

    Also, I think the P-Rod Doernbecher is super-dope with that giraffe print tongue and plaid material. Very creative!

  • supper j

    these are supper lame and there getting over hyped.. lamness

  • John B

    well i guess im a “redneck” cause these joints are FIRE!! i’m coppin today! thanks for the info G-Roc! over hyped? HAHAHA sure thing pal.

  • I woulnd’t say they’re overhyped…..just seems like a solid SB release that’s gonna have some people thowing a bit of faith back at Nike SB. I like em.

  • If I wanna Deer huntin, all I gotta do is drive up & down I-80 & plow em down wit my car. If I wanna go Turkey huntin, all I gotta do is go to surroundin cities near Sacramento & catch 1 slippin on the side of the road. The Central Valley is pretty country. lol
    As for the mids….no go.

  • ^^ MID HATER!!!!!!

  • these should have been lows with a fat tongue. But they are still nice

  • Jerronimo

    I’m not even a DUNK fan but these are sick just cus of the originality. I’d rock these with a John Deer (jk about the John Deer hat)

  • aSh

    Great winter dunk

  • aSh

    In sole should have had a deer in the cross hairs or something but still a great sb overall

  • weezy23

    im bout to cop these then go to cabelas and get the whole matching suit with the duck whistle and roll straight to the club and “blow the whistle”… ima get all the honeys like that!!

  • these are growing on me…really wish i could see them in person to avoid online buying remorse in the future

  • tyler 27

    Where can i go to buy these

  • cynthia

    where can i go online to purchase these?

  • Alyssa

    Where can I find these shoes?

  • Kayla

    Where can I buy theses shoes and How much!!!??????

  • ragin_redneck21

    where can i buy emmm nowwww!!!!!!