Nike SB Koston 2 Officially Unveiled

nike sb koston

With the official release of the Koston 2 approaching, Nike SB has now officially unveiled the latest iteration in the Eric Koston line.

The pictures give a glimpse of the sneaker in its fullest, from the details on the suede upper to the Lunarlon padding. Eric Koston had some things to say about his latest signature sneaker in Nike’s press release:

We go back and forth the entire time until it’s done — until we can’t tweak it any more basically. I’ll print out a design and start sketching on it or shoot a photo and send it back. We’re pretty extensive until we get the finished product.”

The breathability was something I wanted to add, because the Koston 1 didn’t focus on that. Fit was another concern with me and I wanted it to fit better with an inner booty that’s all connected to the tongue as one piece so it fits snugly.

We kept it pretty simple so it wouldn’t tear apart. There is a seam in the forefoot, but when it wears it breaks down — it doesn’t tear away.

The Nike SB Koston 2 is set to officially release April 1, 2013, for $90.

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  • mask

    “closet full of army fatigue buckets and dirty kostons” -earl….but seriously these can probably be worn with damn near anything.

  • DeathOverDesigner

    These are fresh!

  • KayGotKicks

    Very nice!

  • Prestige

    These are pretty dope

  • KP

    Nice! I like the pink swoosh

  • JBYRD23

    Time To ReUp!