Nike SB To Do Away with Fat Tongues + New Blue Nike SB Box

Nike SB Fat Tongue

Nike SB Fat Tongue

Word is on the internets is that Nike SB will stop using fat tongues (stuffed tongues) on their newer Dunk releases. We don’t know if that’s 100% confirmed, but it definitely has turned off a lot of the Nike SB fans. If they do decided to stop the fat tongue era could this be the end for Nike SB? Once we get more info it will be posted, and if anyone has additional info please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.via NSB

Check out the new blue Nike SB box after the jump…

Blue Nike SB Box 2009

Blue Nike SB Box 2009

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  • xxcoreyxx

    I guess people gon make
    like slaves and start pickin
    cotton out their old SBs lol

  • ^LOL

  • Ayhan

    Just gives me more of a reason to cop older heatt

  • 23edge

    Who the f*ck is Nike to decide what is best for a sneaker line? Is this 1980, when Nike was a pure fucking white man sneaker? Seriously a sneaker becomes hot when the streets adopts it, and not because Nike decides it will be. This company is supposed to be run now by guys that grew up in the 70’s-80’s that should know better; that you have to give people what they want. Nobody asked for a regular tongue, and in fact thats one of the reason why soooo many sneaker heads started to collect the shoe. RIP Nike SB lows… you’ll have company beside the mids now.

  • 23edge

    Yo DSMITH,
    Just when they made the box “El Salvador” CW blue/white, Nike SB goes and fucks up the line, lol

  • LMC

    Was going to wear a pair of my SB dunks for the first time in ages yesterday, but the tounge did put me off tbh and they stayed in there box haha
    About the blue boxes Nike already released that Made for Skate SB Blazer last year with the Blue Box. Can’t see them ending the gold box this soon though

  • 23isBACK

    thank god there keeping the sb laces

  • aSh

    WACK idea to go along with a wack box!!!!

  • Airjaded

    They are not getting rid of fat tongues. Know this.

  • A.C.

    That box is ugly too, damn SB is done, these older SB’s are about to start skyrocketing in price with the new kids getting into the game thinking every fat tongue is heat.

  • Sneakerfreak987

    Nike sb low’s r gonna suck now !! I will still cop the hot joints nd quickstrikes btw! Ps. Blue box is alright but gold box is starting to look better nd better!!

  • wtf is nike doing, its bad enough the recent sb release have been beat, ish just keeps going down hill

  • Ayyooo

    its a recession come on now yu think they can afford gold anymore now its blue and no more black slave workers cus no more jobs so now theirs no cotton lmfaoo its not racist im black

  • If they do get rid of the stuffed tongue…then maybe this can give them room to RETRO some colorways…maybe they have a plan but Nike has been able to disappoint before.

  • murder4kickz

    wow gold box era sucked so much!!!!!!!!!!

    and now makes me want to cop more grey box/black box/pink box

  • MelloYelloMD

    Fitting…They are putting the unstuffed tongues in Reebok blue boxes

  • JC$

    the 6.0 dnks arent stuffed so sb’s will be just like 6.0 just one has flat laces other has round would be dumb to do this

  • Scoop

    Yep no more fats guess I’ll only copp hi’s but I will copp those toxic avenger lows this fall google it it u haven’t seen them.

  • weirdoF!t$

    nice box lol

  • ThatGuy

    i’ve seen the new dunks that are suppose to be coming out without the stuffed tongues(don’t ask me how), and the nike dunk sb looks a lot cleaner with the new way they designed it, the tongue actually looks better, the sole doesn’t rise off the side, and there’s no stitching on the inside so it’ll be a better feel on your foot, also the lace holders spaced further from each other. All of you who are talking about the fat tongue is what makes nike sb, check out the new nike dunk sb’s when the come out and i promise you, it will change your mind and you’ll cop a pair

  • the few ppl saying there not stoping the fat touinges are wrong adn its dumb thaqt they are but ther was a nike sb rep at my local skate shop skate lair and he told us straight up

  • If the fat tongues are discontinued, I’m not getting into SB.
    And I just started to purchase SB’s.

  • tnw95

    I started buying sb’s like last summer and if they stop to fat tounges I’ll be done as soon as the thin tounge sb’s drop but I highly doubt they’ll stop the fat tounges. its practically a nike sb trademark

  • tnw95

    o yea that blue box isn’t that bad at all. I don’t think its better than the gold box but its not half bad

  • Jamie

    What a goddamn shame.

  • CenValCali

    ^ True Dat….I guess I’m gonna only cop future potential grails.

  • jwalkn247

    NOOOOO! Thats wat i love most of SB’s is the cushiony feel!!!!!
    Dope box tho!

  • SMH….

    How You Gonna Stop Being A Fan If They Stop Stuffed Tounges?

    Aint No Damn Fan…You Just Hoppin Cuz Everybody Else Is…

  • No fat tongue? Wack colorways so far? What is the purpose to rocking low SBs? If not for the Quagmires, I would not be copping any SB heat any time soon.

  • Reny

    man wtf is going on at nike these days. i just got my first pair of sb’s and their low and now nike is gonna come with this bs. ima sb head but nike is starting to screw everything i love about sb’s up

  • This is past retarded Nike f-in up there sales with this move… The fat tounges main purpose was to make the shoe more comfortable for skateboarders now why would they wear the shoe since the fat tounge is gone.

  • FlyySkyy

    like the post… dislike the new SB line. and that really sux about the tongue. oh well

  • without the fat tongue its not a sb dunk its a overpriced regular basketball dunk. this is lunacy. i pray they keep the fat tongues on the sb. thats what skateboarding kicks are about, the fat tongue for support.

  • kevin

    dam dats stupid btw i guess if they do stp stuffrd tongue’s ill just have to get high’s and mids


    Yeah, 23EDGE…I might get a pair for my wife so she can look at the box all day…any time I try to be fair and get her some kicks too she don’t wear ’em (and I learned my lesson in only two takes…)

  • dat.nigha

    well for all that wants to kno. nike is stopping the fat tounges b/c the testers said that they would rather have the tounges unstuffed

  • holiday

    dude it’ll be fine. we say it sucks right now but when stuff starts coming out later we’ll get used to it. i personally really dig the fat tongue. but if its gonna go well just have to wait and see before we can judge

  • macabrecrown666

    Most of the gold boxed sb’s sucked anyways. New box looks nice, it will add some color to my great wall of kicks. As for the tongue, it hope it’s not true.

  • bulldogskoleff

    whoever runs Nike SB is almost as dumb as whoever runs Jordan Brand nowadays

  • wow. this sucks. Personally I thought the sb tounge wasnt STFFUY ENOUGH .. AND now THIS. unbelievable.

    and the box is something OUTRAGEOUS. looks kinda kewl tho.

  • XkrispyELI

    that sucks, than there would be no difference between regular dunks and SBs.

  • Ty Was Here

    The end….

  • ts

    SB is DEAD and it has been DEAD After the MF DOOM
    dropped i havent seen nothing HOT thats worth goin
    nuts over….so until Nike steps it up
    they wont be seeing any of my $$$$

    its like JB and SB teamed up and has destoyed the SHOEGAME

  • kewlkash

    wow, b4 i wanted to be a collector so bad during the pink, black, and silver box era. now when i get the money and have a job, all the sb’s are shxt, been following sbs for so long, literally wanted to marry them and now theyre shxt. fxck life

  • I doubt that’s true. The fat tongue provides extra support for skater’s…why would they do away with it?

  • Fat tongues are what make skateboarding shoes period, no matter the brand. Dumb move if you ask me. The main reason SB’s were made was for skating, taking away the fat tongues just makes them some regular dunks…

  • man its alot of words i wanna say right now…..the game is officially effed up.

  • NOBU92

    there dropping fat tongues cuz their skaters say its better without fat tongues
    thats why.
    there skateboarding shoes and if their skaters say skinny tongues they should go skinny tongues to cater to their skaters and skaters everywhere
    i dotn skate and i prefer fat tongues but i dont expect them to keep fat tognues just for fashion

  • bra

    dude the fat tongue is what defines it as sb dunks, not just some normal dunks. taking it out is pretty much taking away its high-end sb title


  • JoESloW

    Some people need to know their sneaker history. There are some older sb dunks that did not have a fat tongue. Like the brown pack lows, the the homers, etc did not have a really fat tongue either so whats the big deal? Nike sb has been ead since 2006.

  • FunkyDunk

    Not gonna be copping any new SBs…prolly gonna focus on the old heat like alot of other people are gonna be.

  • Bonezbee

    NOO! sb dunks need the fat tongue

  • joe black

    So disgusted by this move nike is making that im not even going to comment…….. okay f#$k it I will. This is bullshit im pissed by this move, the difference between Premium dunks and SB Dunks is the tongue, without that, the SB dunk sneaker has no identity of its own. No stand out quality or identity within the shoe which takes away from the appeal that attracts us to the shoe so much. BIG ASS MISTAKE NIKE


  • billdog

    Starting in Augest the fat tongue is gone. Nike SB is doing away with the fat tongue for unknown reasons.
    The fat tongue is the #1 thing that seperates them from regular dunks.

  • jaime

    LOL, that’s would be very stupid of them if they stop the fat tounges. We all know that’s a defining characteristic of the SB, it’s like taking the jumpman and “23” off of Jordans and still calling them Jordans… can’t do that. As far as the box, I could care less, I have too many kicks to be worrying about the boxes.

  • I don’t care what Nike SB does….they barely get my cash anyhow. After the new Nitraid Mids drop it’ll have to be a really serious looking shoe for me to bother with……and I love the stuffed tongues…..but until someone from Nike SB posts some official word, my guess is that the tongues will stay stuffed.

    G-Roc you should set up a vote…..will the tongues stay fat or not???? I SAY YES……

  • spoonhead

    So I’m the only one looking forward to the skinny tongues?

  • doc

    ^^^yup cause the rest of us hate it

  • LottaAirBelow

    no fat dunk?.. thats gonna suck..

  • nano

    i doubt they will take the fat tongues out, take a look at the summer 09 releases the lows all have the fat tongues we all love, maybe there is hope for sb.

    or maybe not.

  • Foot-ClinicDRE

    I think Nike getting rid of the fat tongue is their admission that the SB stopped standing for “Skateboard” a long time ago (especially the dunk line) and that their demographic has changed. Just like any other trend skateboard/rock/rebel culture has been stripped down and mass produced for the wannabees. I caught on a little late (’05) and my first real pair were the Pusheads. And that quilted, stuffed tongue was the icing on the cake of those beauties. They haven’t produced something with that kind of artistry in a long time. Thank God for Vans. Nike SB take note!

  • Foot-ClinicDRE

    And that picking cotton comment had me rolling, I was tweezing the hell out of my Send Helps the other night, lol

  • sbhollisterdude

    this is complete bullshit!!!!Nike sb team need to be fucking shot!!!i am okay with the blue box but the elimination of the fat tongue is completely absurd!


    Nike SB is NOT killing the fat tongue 100% it is still stuffed much more the plain dunks. It is like 20% less stuffing. Hope this helps.
    PS… The upcoming Blazers or HOT!!

  • nikelikeme

    Wut the hell they take away fat tounges they take away the difference between dunk SB and just regular dunk
    Box is also wack

  • Quentho

    why would they change stuff that dont need 2 fixed?

  • wikwiks

    BUT I FAT tounge is awesome in the cold your foot is warm and when you unlace it a little bit it pops out perfectly. but now the real sk8ers are going to be mad that its not a skaate shoe because without the fat tounge it is not a skate shoe

  • takin away the fat tongues is just another sign that nike sb is trying to move away from the skateboard scence n appeal to a bigger crowd, which is messed up. however the new box is nice tho. add a little color to my diverse sneaker collection.

  • I haven’t seen anything hot from Nike SB for 2009. I could care less about the box and the fat tongues.

  • Izzo

    I’m convinced that Nike is trying to dead SB. If you look at it was, and what it is now….they have to be trying to get rid of SB.


    All yall talk all that crap and know good and well, yall are still going to buy that ish. As soon as they drop the next “blankity blank X Nike Dunk”, skinny tounge and all, yall are going to be all over it.


    Nike SB is planning a suicidal atempt…

  • chowder

    the box is nice but i think ive seen pics of sb’s comin out next year with the fat tounge so i pray they dont take away the toung but the tounge will be the same on highs and mids

  • D-Man

    Nike SB is pretty much dead…

    I was heavy with the SB’s in 04-08

    The new releases i don’t even pay attention to..nothing comes close to what the serious heat Nike SB had produced in the past. Mostly older models go in hard..other than that i could give two shets about what Nike SB plans to do with the Fat Tongues or the (Blue Box)..Nike quit coming up with stupid ideas for “what to call the next shoe”..and bring us that quality..

    So for now..I will go back into my snooze phase..and bring out the realness for yall n00bs that is still buzzed about the “new” SB brand. lol peace yall

  • SB_KiCKS_09

    the blue box lookes aight..i would def prefer the gold box tho..n bout the stuffed tounge if they stop it i wont be purchasein dunks anymore but ill buy blazers cuz blazers dont have the fat sb stands out 4 the fat tounge n 2 get rid of that is not a good idea nike

  • Low Low

    its NIKE BS lol should be the new namee

  • Joey (Dudezor)

    i dont believe this, since the only diff between regular dunks and sbs is the inflated toungue and the nike sb icon, people can just cop regular dunks if they dont want the fat tougue so they can lace there shoes all tight and gay like lil footballs.

  • Tommy Lee

    no Fat Tongue = normal dunk….its sucks!
    wat a mess…

  • backup

    I heard the blue box is coming in with the april sbs- we will find out tomorrow

  • Umbra

    The only thing that will keep me a fan of Nike SB is if they keep releasing Blazers, Performance or not, fat tongues on dunks are the only reason that dunk lows will ever look good…who honestly goes and cops wack thin tongued GR dunks? I am a huge fan of the Blue Box looks throwback like an old Adidas box or Jordan 1 Box that was two/tone primary color.

  • Baby Milo

    i have some SBs with the blue and white box, but they aint really fittin in with all my gold/black, pink/black and black/purple SB boxes lolsz

  • I think the thin tongue is a good idea. Skateboarders will appreciate the change since thinner skate shoes are what people seem to be into at the minute.

  • Adam

    I don’t think this is the death of Nike SB at all. They seem to be making shoes and changes that skateboarers will want and not targeting sneaker heads so much.

  • Don

    man… looks like im gonna be not buying SB’s anymore. 🙁

  • Super Awesome Cool Dude

    Fat tongue is like their signature.


    WTF IS THIS CRAP. The tongue is what really distinguishes the shoe. if they take it out, its like taking the swoosh out of nike.
    It is what it is. Why would you change years of tradition. SMH


    F*ck sb man the screwed up big time the only blue box i own is the griptape lows the still have a fat tounge and i still love thos but f*ck those boxes and tounges BRING BACK FAT TOUNGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!