Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 – First Look

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Nike unveils the SB x Air Jordan 1.

Yesterday Nike took over the air waves with their announcement of a Nike SB x Air Jordan collaboration. Today Nike officially unveils the Nike SB Air Jordan 1. Look out for these sneakers at select Nike SB, Jordan Brand retailers, as well as releasing on March 15th.

Originally crafted as a high-performance basketball shoe for budding star Michael Jordan, the Air Jordan I inadvertently brought innovation to skate. Celebrating this unforeseen answer to the needs of skaters, Nike SB and Jordan Brand collaborate to release the Nike SB x Air Jordan I. The green-and black-upper features “AJ One SB” tonally scribed in a typeface designed by Craig Stecyk that was originally featured in a leading skateboarding magazine in 1982. The same inscription also shows up on the Nike SB x AJI insole.

What are your thoughts on the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1? Comment below.

Nike sb air jordan 1-2 NNike Sb Air Jordan 1

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  • jay_

    smh.. nothing special here.

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Heat!!!!!! Might trade my red Octobers for them.

  • omar najeeb

    Haha^ Yeah right. But yeah, these are wutdaphuk I thought they’d be…nothin’ different from what we’ve seen before. Sail on

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    I like em. Subtle yet different. Hopefully these will go over people’s head making it an easy cop if the price is right. I can’t stand the trend of pumping out obnoxious and loud ass sneakers. Sometimes less is more.

  • LG

    I like em and will try to get a pair.

  • I guess…

  • P.Skillz

    All the hype and this? I mean, I can guarantee that if the Jordan and SB hype on their own weren’t crazy right now, then these would be passed by many.

    We’ll see how this stands up over time. Hopefully the next one will be a shoe most people want… Would love to see Nike put out the “Tiffany” Jordan 4’s they did for Nicky Diamonds

  • Bokuten

    I wonder if these would be any good for skating? It looks like they just added a nike SB tag to a Jordan 1.

  • Tyriq

    meh, whatever.

  • Plug love or no love. More concerned with Kobe 9 Elites.

  • AJ head

    I guarantee the tongue must be fat like other SBs.
    AJ1s are good for skating as is right now.
    And I guarantee you and all haters here will be clickinig cart button on March 15th.

  • MikeyDrums86

    EPIC FAIL!!!!

  • omar najeeb

    @ AJ head….naw, I’m good here. I don’t play those type games. If I say I don’t care for or not a fan of a shoe, I leave it in whatever store or dot-com that I see it on.

  • Will be on flight club for $125

  • Stephen

    how is this epic collaboration not going to feature a padded tongue? it looks just like a reqular $104.00 jordan 1, again watch this sell out just because. if it were a pelicans jordan 1 cw it would sit. thses are ok cool for the collab but expected something totally different.

  • hhmmm could have tried a little harder. they are ok though. nothing super special