Nike SB x Concepts “Enwhay Igspay Yflay” – Black Friday Release

Black Friday is just a week away and the Nike SB x Concepts “Enwhay Igspay Yflay” collab has been revealed as the Nike SB Dunk shown above.

The sneaker makes use of a clean light pink suede upper, mixed with a light grey cloth tongue. A dark blue mixed with a goldenrod is used for the tongue tag while the sneaker is finished off with a silver Swoosh and gum outsole.

As of now, the release is set to be handled on November 23 exclusively at Concepts.

Image: dj deephouse on N-SB

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  • MelloYelloMD

    That is buttery looking suede…

  • aSh

    White laces will look better…. And concept only = easy pass

  • AlSneaks

    not too impressed with these.

  • I like them alot. I think they came out really nicely. Gives me that old pink box feel

  • John B.

    I could get down with these for sure. Like Mello said that suede looks buttery

  • JBYRD23

    Really feeling this shoe right here, hope I can add this pair to the collection.

  • LG

    They could’ve done better, not feeling these. They’ll sell out fast cause concepts designed them.

  • Quality looks good. I def want to see more pics. I was more excited from yesterday’s teaser.

  • 23edge

    The most creative pair of SB’s since the skunks for me. I love the foggy glass cover and towel material on the tongues.
    @aSh I think thats what I loved about early SB’s the most, it wasn’t so much how the shoe looked that was appealing for me, but the concept was what sold them. I miss the days when everything had a nickname or theme

  • Just Kicks

    Nike SB fell off a long time ago but these are nice.

  • Shane D.

    Very refreshing to see a Nike SB Dunk that people are excited about.

  • solediva86

    will try my best to get my hands a size 5 or 6. fingers crossed.

  • Jay

    Best SB release and they haven’t even released yet. lol

  • Towelie

    What does Enwhay Igspay Yflay even mean?

  • StnCold814

    “When Pigs Fly”

  • JayOldPeachsteam

    Can’t get, can’t care.