NikeStore Shuts Down Online Midnight Releases

Yesterday, the Nike Store made a very important announcement via Twitter. The announcement was made to inform everyone that follows the official NikeStore Twitter that there will no longer be any midnight releases on As you can imagine, the news stirred up a lot of talk on the popular social media platform. This also came following the news about Nike banning midnight releases for retailers and implementing the Twitter RSVP launch system. But no more midnight releases on

That leaves everyone with one major question: Why?

While we don’t know exactly why they decided to shut down the online midnight launches, we do know that releases will now launch at 8am EST/5am PST. Ouch! We know most people aren’t too happy about this sudden change. So, what does this mean for the future of online Nike releases? It simply means your lazy butt is going to have to wake up early to “try” your luck at successfully purchasing product from

According to NikeStore’s Twitter, the Nike Basketball Elite Series will be the first launch with the new release time. For those of you that’s still lost, that means the Elite Series will be releasing this Saturday, April 28 at 8am EST.

Why did Nike cancel online midnight launches? The sneaker world may never know. However, share your thoughts on why you think Nike made this move and how you feel about this change in the comment section.

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  • They are just trying to completing detach themselves from the old ways. Thats pretty much why. By gettin rid of the midnight instore releases, mine as well get rid of the online as well and totally detach yourselve from the whole midnight thing and shoe some serious commitment to change.

  • As sneakerheads or sneaker enthusiast, what ever you wanna call us, we have really grown used to things and systems put into place that are just not normal to other people. Example of this is sitting up to 12:00 at night on a work night with your computer on the internet, phone internet, and wat ever other gadget that has access to the internet trying to be the lucky one to gain access to a site before it crashes and buy some sneakers made of patent leather and glue. Its “normal” to use cause we done it and accepted it for soooo long. But in reality and to people outside of this circle its not normal and seems crazy. So doing away with this, is just really a return to “normal” more conventional way of purchasing sneakers.

  • I feel bad for people on the West Coast trying to cop. 5am though?


    Sights are still gonna crash and kicks are a still gonna sell out. And people are still gonna line up by the drones and wild out. Just 8the hrs later

  • AlSneaks

    according to the nikestore twitter, 8AM isn’t even a set time. it says “no earlier” but it was explained to me that it could very well be later in the day. It will pretty much be at their discretion and you basically have to keep an eye on Twitter for the link or periodically check NDC.

  • dotsupreme

    who cares can never get thru anyway.

  • MBall423 aka Hillbilly Willy

    It’s another measure to stop resellers. By releasing at 8 am online, it’s going to be more difficult to cop online and in store as well. People are going to have to pick one or the other

  • LG

    CHANGES NOTHING. more people will hit up their local shop now . this helps the retail stores IMO!

  • Executive

    How about making more shoes?! Only shoe I’ve tried to cop at midnight was the dave whites and i didnt even make it till 12, messed around and fell asleep at like 10 and woke like 2 in the morn mad as hell. Lmao!

  • Executive

    And i had my laptop all ready to go! I laughed it off though.

  • SPINS6136

    HARRY hit it on the head.

    This does absolutely ZERO. Just ensures employees of retail locations that they won’t have to work a graveyard.

  • dotsupreme

    @ ex could not agree more plain a simple MAKE MORE SHOES.

  • West Coast actually have an advantage over those of us who have to get kids to school and then off to work. 8 AM is a HORRIBLE release time for me. Still… I think they’re going to do the random time drops but I don’t have a smart phone so that stinks for me!

  • John B.

    8am EST is not a good look for me at all…especially on a work day..that’s 7am my time and I’m on the interstate tryin to get my ass to work on time so I have NO way to try for them. Now if it’s later in the day or just a random time that’s cool I guess..even on a Saturday..I have no issue waking up trying my luck then passing back out in a rage against nike and the fools who crashed the site and caused me not to get my pair!! LOL…Whatever the reason..hopefully it works and makes it easier for those of us who are not resellers!

  • All part of Nike Master Plan to achieve their 2015 global growth predictions in my opinion.

  • bishopp3000

    Maybe Nike have been watching the news and see that the press over these shoe releases have not been good. Granted they are a multi-billion dollar industry, the public eye is still a powerful thing. All news isn’t good news. Greed has a price. Nike is trying to clean it’s image. Nothing more.

  • 5 a.m. pacific? Nike y’all tryna make zombies outta us? lol Well now I can choose between sittin in front of my laptop & try my luck breath stankin w/crusty eye boogers or go to the mall in the early mornin breath stankin w/crusty eye boogers. 😛


  • vavrar

    exec and dotsupreme got the point… would it kill them or us to just make more shoes?

  • @Harry – chillaxin mayne keepin the kids laced up. What’s good wit u my kin folk?

  • Jeron

    Nike you suck!

    Just make more sneakers!

    The consumers are getting tired of these games!

    End the BS already!

  • Simba

    I see it as this, Nike cant tell everyone else to stop midnight releases and then continue doing them.. Even if it is online, they’re probably just trying to practice what they preach .. I see the logic, don’t really support it, but hey .. We’re just consumers.

  • matt

    servers work better at 8am………did anyone buy that?

  • Jeff

    Perhaps they shut it down due to the craziness of the past couple of releases. Their servers have been taking a beating. Nikestore used to be the most reliable site for me but ever since the Concords it has been difficult to get an order through. I have since moved to ordering from sites overseas or trying to secure a pair early in a store.

  • nike_lover

    i dont shop at instead i prefer footlocker. their pretty much doing the same thing with not allowing midnight releases and moving them all to 8am (instore and online) the way i see it more and more people are going to start missing releases if they aren’t an early morning person

  • rlnhrd276

    shoe games messed up man, remember the 80s-90s you could roll up 2months late and still cop your size.

  • Brandan E.

    whats the big deal?
    its not like this is the mid 90s or early ’00s when hot shoes was comin out weekly!
    just get up in the morning and go get it.
    thats what we did back in the days!

  • vos$

    the explanation WHY is simple

    take black friday and the day after xmas sales for example..
    when they started at 5 am.. if u ever went at 5 am.. there were not THAT many ppl there

    suddenly, they change it (this year mostly) to start these events ON thanksgiving and ON christmas day at midnight, people are still awake from the day and suddenly the amount of people that show up is way way higher… then there are crowds and big lines.. in the morning they r not

    nike knows most ppl r lazy and a lot of ppl will miss the 8 am jump… id still expect it to be slow especially for big releases.. but given that i am pretty sure that to make less traffic at the release time is the reason why they moved it to 8 am EST, I would also assume they are improving their servers as well and trying to handle the load they will make…

    The other developments of banning midnight in-store releases and the RSVP system are also part of this release revamp movement but that is drawn by a different incentive which is that nike knows if they dont do something to avoid madness and riots such as that caused the the concord 11 jordan release, they are going to get more and more heat from government, society, and random ass ppl they would rather not deal with / more importantly tarnish the public image of the brand name Nike… they got executives in these companies and those dudes, overpaid i agree, still have some sort of plan and agenda.. they r doing this for the future of nike and to simplify things… lifes a bureaucracy, it dishes u stupid ass rules and limits and its up to you to know those dumb rules and play the game.. that doesnt mean dont look for loopholes and limbobiscuitsticks

  • Vinsanity

    Works for me (in CA)! Now I don’t have to give up my Friday nights to sit around in front of a computer, in hopes to get a pair of J’s. Instead, I can wake up early, while my daughter & wife are still asleep. 🙂

  • Dan Brinky

    RSVP? Not in NJ. Not included in this. Only about 10 or so states are covered. My son went to the mall to buy and security would not let him and his friend to wait overnight. Went back at 6:00 in morning and 100 people were waiting in line and was told there would not be anything left by the time they reached him. #116. 115 people before him. I went on line at FootAction and waited till the clock hit 0 minutes,hit enter to buy and they were out of stock. Received email from FootAction to let me know new Jordan Retro 7 available.What???? I see e-bay has a boat load of them and one seller had every size for 350-500$ Something is not right. Nike needs to come up with a better and more fair way to distribute these shoes so resellers do not ruin it for some of the kids who want these.My son had to work 2 month and half to save every penny to buy one pair. The look of disappointment on his face was tough to see. He worked hard to save enough money for them. This was a lesson in life for him. Capitalism rules at the expense of everyone else.

  • Chaubri

    That story gets to me man. A kid shoul be able to get some shoes he saves for and works hard for. Resellers are ruining it for everyone

  • Kpry83

    Why is everyone mad that Nike is trying to make things fair? Twitter RSVP is to crack down on all the shady crap that goes on and keep people safe. Do you all forget they are a huge company? That have to look out for them selves legally because if someone gets killed at a shoe launch, they won’t be any more shoe launches. And take it online is just to make things consistent. You can launch one way in store an a differant way online.

  • J

    I can understand why they are getting rid of the instore midnight release. A lot of people don’t know how to act. As far as online. I think that is ridiculous. Why make someone decide whether they are going to try online or try instore. I like being able to buy online at midnight and if I dont get the shoe, I still have time to go line up at a store that is opening at 9am. Now this creates a bigger dilemma.

  • hollowtip

    If people would just stop buying shoes from resellers this wouldn’t be a problem. These resellers on ebay or private websites have distibutor connects that’s how they get the shoes.. and charge us double and even triple the retail price.. since no one can band reselling just stop buying from them