Nike Sig Lines: LeBron 10 v. KD 5 v. Kobe 8

The Big 3 has officially arrived from Nike Basketball to close out the year: the LeBron X, Kobe VIII and KD V.

These three lines have arguably been the forefront of the Nike Basketball signature releases, but every year, there’s discussion on who has received the best looking sneaker. Both the Kobe and LeBron lines have established followings earlier in their models, while the Durant line has picked up steam beginning with the previous iteration, the KD IV. Each model now sees combinations of classic team colorways, along with exclusive themed releases. Outside of Air Jordan retro releases, these three lines have received the most coverage and response when it comes to basketball lines.

Moving away from particular colorways (since the LeBron X has seen the most), judge only on the silhouettes themselves.

Which sig shoe is your favorite, the LeBron X, Kobe VIII or KD V?


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  • 4DRUMZ

    All different but the KD’s tend to be the middle-ground of design and tech that bridges the gap between the polar ends of Lebron to Kobe

    What Nike has successfully done… is encourage me to at least buy one pair of each! SMH… LoL!

  • AlSneaks

    even though it simply looks like a hyperdunk on steroids, I think the KD comes out on top. the Lebron is too bulky and remind me of Lugz for some reason. Kobes look like they slapped a nike outsole on some water socks.

  • bdogg

    i am more on the kobe line. i like a mid or 5/8ths height. the bron line is cool and all but way too heavy for me. i am on the short and light side. the bron 1 was great. after that the line became a bit too heavy for me! i am with the kobe all the way. the kd2 and last year were pretty dope! fav kd of the line was the ii which is kinda close to where the kb line is at! not sure i love this year’s version of the kd..reminds me of a jazzed up hyperfuse!

  • Guess Who?

    Kobe’s by a longgg shot I bought a pair of Lebron 10’s and wish I could take them back they’re just too bulky and heavy for me and Kobe’s have always been the best shoes for me to play in

  • aSh

    Hhmmmm… Now when it comes to bball sneakers I am always partial to high tops… I do like Kobe’s newest model and see lots of potential… But I’m gonna have to go with the Lebron Xs… A lot of people say the are too similar to the 8s… Overall shape (mainly cause of the 97 air unit) I can kinda see it but then again not really…. The shape is dope.. But I come from an era and region where we rocked timbs all year so I use to bulky shoes… The new KDs do look to much like hypers and the front of the shoe is just lacking IMO… the heel is what’s dope on the KD and the tongue… But that’s about it…

  • Dmane

    Easy win for the Brons

  • Devin kicks

    nike kinda messed all of the lines up this year last year was the best for all 3, but to me this year it goes Lebrons KD’s then Kobes in that order only colors i like so far are the cutting jades and the DMV KD’s

  • Cookiemonster

    It’s all about comfort for me. Obviously I haven’t tried on the Kobe’s or the KD’s, but I tried on the Lebron’s, and they blew my mind with their comfort. Hopefully the other 2 will be as comfortable, but if not, Lebrons it is for me.

  • yung crac

    Lebrons the kd5 suck so does the kobes agreed last year they brought fire to the game this year uh not so much

  • Towelie


  • sneakerjunkieja

    I have all three and so far it is a tie between the KD’s and Kobe’s, Lebron X comes in last because they are just to heavy. The KD’s are way better than the hyperdunks and hyperfuses.

  • Dem Sneakers

    I would go with the Kd v’s, simply because they are light and maneuverable. They lebrons are way too heavy, and for the kobe’s i despise low tops for basketball shoes. So Kd v’s it is.

  • StevieVegas

    KD 5s all day!

  • StevieVegas

    KD Vs all day!

  • defenetly the LEBRON X’s. They are just so comfortable on and off the court. Kobe’s are nice and light, but just don’t fit when it comes to actual basketballl. The KD’s are just copy off’s of the original hyperdunks, so i wouldnt buy them

  • Kobe Bryant


  • Hghghgh

    Lebron x all the way!!!!!!!

  • Kd Lacross

    Kd V’s All The Way…. Better For Kids, Women, and Men…. That Shoe Is An All In One.